Bryan School Looking for Local Businesses

Posted on August 11, 2016

Local businesses looking for international consulting services or help selling their products overseas can get a helping hand this fall from students at the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG.

The X-Culture program allows businesses to crowd-source consulting services from thousands of students from over 40 countries. Projects can include challenges such as researching new markets, exploring distribution opportunities, or developing marketing strategies. Students on these teams, including those from the Bryan School, use technology to work together on projects from corporate partners. At the end of the semester they present their findings and proposals to businesses. Past partners have included major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Home Depot, and Louis Vuitton; however, businesses of all sizes are encouraged to submit proposals to participate.

The second consulting opportunity involves a program called Export Odyssey. Students in this international marketing class work directly with small and medium-sized North Carolina-based manufacturers to export their products to new country markets. Examples of Export Odyssey success include selling electric guitar amplifiers to Norway, parachute cloth to Poland, textile manufacturing machinery to India, wine to Australia, and Miss Jenny’s Pickles to England. The time commitment of the manufacturers to the students is small. The student teams provide their manufacturing firm with a detailed report that includes trade data analysis, export and local competitor analysis, market research, and lists of potential customers.

For more details on the X-Culture program and to submit a project proposal, visit:

To learn more about Export Odyssey and submit a project proposal, email Nick Williamson at or call Steve Cramer at 336-256-0346.


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