Course consulting projects

Does your company have problems, challenges, or opportunities that need to be addressed, but not enough time or people to work on addressing them? Let our Bryan School students help!

As part of a for-credit class, an individual student or a team of students will work on a specific business challenge or opportunity, and through their research will identify a solution(s) and present their findings to you.

Projects take place during both the fall and spring semesters, and prior planning is required. Projects may be selected up to three to six months prior to the start of the course. A project application may be required to be considered for some courses. Currently, projects are completed by graduate students in the MBA and MS in Information Technology and Management programs, as well as in undergraduate courses in information systems, marketing, and entrepreneurship. More courses will be added in the future.

Business Case Competitions

Does your organization have a specific business case that would benefit from broad-reaching analysis in a competitive environment? A Bryan School student business case competition is just the fix! Throughout these competitions, student teams will be required to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom towards solving actual business cases. Once the analysis is complete, each team will present their recommendations and a detailed plan of action to a panel of corporate executives who will evaluate the students’ presentations and determine competition winners.

Competitions take place during the fall and/or spring semesters, and prior planning is required. A project application may be required to be considered for some courses.

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