Bryan School Blueprint Series

Curriculum Overview

The Blueprint Series is a required 4-credit undergraduate curriculum focused on accelerating business students’ personal and professional development. This groundbreaking series is designed to equip our students with the employability skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing industry landscape.

Blueprint Series Courses

BUS 115: Blueprint for Personal Development [First Year]

The first step toward becoming a successful business professional is establishing a sense of self. Students engage in personal development to expand their self-awareness and identify opportunities for personal growth. 1 credit hour.

BUS 215: Blueprint for Professional Development [Second Year]

Students engage in professional development to enhance their personal brand, begin building a professional document portfolio, and develop employability skills. 1 credit hour.

BUS 315: Global and Intercultural Development [Third Year]

Students will learn teamwork, collaboration and cultural intelligence through a global team project. Students participate in activities to improve their professional skills and career readiness in a global environment. 1 credit hour.

BUS 415: Leadership Development [Fourth Year]

Students learn about the qualities of good leaders and demonstrate how those qualities are exercised in a business environment with a specific focus on ethical and sustainable decision making. 1 credit hour.

BUS 216: Blueprint for Personal and Professional Development

Transfers, Major Changes, and 100% Online Students with sophomore or higher classification (by credit hour) will take this course in place of BUS 115 & 215, then proceed to BUS 315 & 415

Students will begin building a professional portfolio and engaging in topics designed to promote the development of skills determined by employers as critical for success. 2 credit hours.

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Team Leaders

A Team Leader is a peer mentor who has already exhibited academic, personal, and professional success during their time in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. Team Leaders assist in the instruction of BUS 115, 215, and 216, and their primary goal of guiding students through the initial steps of their career journey.

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Employer Engagement

From curriculum ideas to classroom instruction, our industry partners have had a hand in developing the Blueprint Series from the very beginning. This means our students will learn employability skills that translate to what companies need in the workplace.

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Do you have questions about how the Blueprint Series fits into your graduation plan? Reach out to your Academic Advisor for more information.

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