Career Development Support for Graduate Students

Posted on November 01, 2016

Genuine curiosity and a passion for maximizing each student’s potential – those are the forces that drive Graduate Career Development Specialist Lizzy Tahsuda. Her role is to develop the professional savviness of graduate students at the Bryan School of Business and Economics and to assist them as they seek out internship and career opportunities.

Tahsuda’s enthusiasm is evident in her work. Mohammad Zaman, a first-year MBA candidate at the Bryan School who recently met with her regarding an internship, vouches, “Lizzy is a wonderful resource with a wealth of knowledge. It does not matter how many questions you send her way, via email or face-to-face, she always provides a prompt, instructive response. We are lucky to have her.”

Tahsuda is primarily focused on helping students develop the necessary skills and resources they can use in career planning. Whether a student is preparing to step into the work force for the first time, or planning a career switch between industries, she aims to equip them with the professional acumen to make career moves confidently. Her services range from one-on-one meetings, to resume-building workshops, to the development of interview and salary negotiation skills through mock interviews. She is also a key partner in the Company Spotlights program, which provides students the opportunity to learn about and network with employers on campus.

“The best part of this position is facilitating students discover their talents and full potential,” says Tahsuda. “Ultimately, the objective is to use these skills to guide the students’ careers. Our students possess incredible potential, and connecting them with employers is an advantage for all parties.”

Having a career development specialist in the exclusive use of the graduate students is a unique and significant asset to students, and one that the Bryan School is proud to offer. As the Bryan School continues producing principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers, Lizzy Tahsuda strives to drive the career doors wide open for them.


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