Nov 19

Drafted from UNCG to MLB, Bryan undergrad eyes his MBA

With stops in St. Louis, Missouri and Charlotte, North Carolina, Andrew Moritz grew up playing baseball. In high school, his passion and dedication to the sport provided him the opportunity to play in college — Moritz was recruited by the UNC Greensboro baseball team, which led him to visit and gain the full Spartan experience. … Continued

Dec 19

From NC to MN: Pursuing a Career in Finance

Born into an immigrant family from Columbia, Jeffrey Cardenas’s mom always stressed education. Cardenas didn’t disappoint. From community college to graduate school to a career in finance, Cardenas has consistently challenged himself to make the most of all aspects of his life—in school, work, and play. With offers from SunTrust and Ford, Cardenas chose a … Continued

Nov 28

Designing and Developing Data Quality Programs

John Boney describes himself as a man of few words, but he’s a person of many labels—leader, competitor, collector, and connoisseur. Boney’s colleagues describe him as a quiet leader who thrives on efficiency and optimal performance. A competitor, Boney participates in video game tournaments, reveling in fast-paced action that engages his reflexes and rewards knowledge … Continued

Nov 07

Driving Results in Data Analytics Career

Change makers, problem solvers, super heroes? Whatever you call economists, they’re professionals who engage in analysis to discover information and drive results. Bryan School alumna Lydia Hassell is one such leader. Whether automating sales forecasts or predicting future trends, she impacts HanesBrands Inc.’s bottom line in her data analysis career. “I’ve worked cross-functionally with many … Continued

Oct 10

Passion for Health Policy Analysis

Whether traveling abroad, testing recipes, or playing soccer, Bryan School alumna Anna MacMonegle thrives on exploration and teamwork. That adventurous spirit serves her well in health policy analysis. She spends her days at RTI International in Research Triangle Park turning hypothetical questions to actionable data. By formulating plans to ask important questions, reviewing data sources, … Continued

Apr 09

Making Cross-Cultural Connections in the MSIB Program

Meet Professor Nir Kshetri One of the highlights of the MS in International Business program is that students will be in a global online classroom with faculty and peers from diverse backgrounds. This diversity allows students to make cross-cultural connections starting day one of the program. In today’s blog, I want to introduce you to … Continued

Mar 19

Why You Should Choose the UNCG MBA

Once you decide to pursue an MBA, you must figure out which program is the right one for you. This decision can be overwhelming considering the number of ads, websites, and rankings for the wide array of available MBA programs. When it comes down to it, however, it’s really about finding the right fit for … Continued

Mar 15

4 Ways to Have an International Experience in Graduate School

1. Seek out a school with a diverse international population. In many ways, graduate school offers a unique environment for expanding one’s worldview. By choosing a school with a diverse international population, you expose yourself to a collection of perspectives that encourage you broaden your horizons. At the Bryan School of Business and Economics, graduate … Continued

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