Jun 08

Life After Graduation

It was May 2011. I had done it. I had earned a college degree! Everyone was proud. One small problem: I had no job. I entered UNCG in 2006 and was certain that, by the autumn of 2010, I’d be in New York counting more money than my parents had ever made. What I didn’t … Continued

Jan 27

How to build relationships and network effectively

 “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”  “Your network is your net worth.” “You’re either networking, or you’re not working.” The half of you reading this who consider yourself extroverts may think networking is no big deal – but I’ll bet you could use some tips on how to network more effectively. The … Continued

Jan 22

6 Tips To Be A Successful Student

In order to be successful, I think that you must realize that you are and always will be a student. You may not always have an academic institution listed as your primary vocation, but you should have the mindset that continuous learning is paramount. Since graduating in 2010, I’ve held analyst roles at BB&T, KPMG, … Continued

May 29

To Whom It May Concern: Letters of Recommendation

Tips on submitting letters of recommendation for graduate school Let’s break this down: Who do I ask? How do they submit? WHO? One of the most common questions I get about the application process is, “Who should write my three letters of recommendation (commonly referred to as ‘LORs’)?” My short answer: Everyone is different! It … Continued

May 16

Planning a Career Change

Are you contemplating a career transition? It can be daunting thinking about the best way to approach a job search, even in the incredibly hot job market that we’re in today with unemployment lower than it’s been in years. Here is a five-step framework that can help you with tackling a successful career transition: 1. … Continued

Apr 23

Conducting a Successful Job Search

Classes have been going well, you’ve participated in plenty of professional-development activities, and now you’re ready for the next step – the job search. Like everything else in your college career, you’ll find that your career search will be easier once you’ve found the right resources and created a plan. Here are some tips on … Continued

Apr 05

How to Negotiate Salary

Bryan School alumna Ashlee Wagner ’11, currently a Practice Leader at Charles Aris, shares tips on negotiating salary as part of a job offer. Welcome to Tips from Top Talent – a new series of blogs and video webcasts with top talent from the Bryan School of Business and Economics. Each month an alumna/alumnus will … Continued

Apr 02

Growing Your Network

What is a professional network? The goal of networking is to build professional relationships and create personal connections.  Building your network is about meeting and establishing mutually-beneficial relationships with other professionals. Professional networking is much more than swapping business cards or connecting on LinkedIn; it is building relationships and developing trust with other professionals. It … Continued

Mar 13

Hi! I’d like to join your LinkedIn Network.

Social media network LinkedIn launched in 2003 and now hosts more than 500 million professional users. According to recent research, more than 44% of users are active on the platform monthly. LinkedIn is a “go-to” networking tool for many of us. While LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity to connect and stay in touch with your … Continued

Feb 26

Utilizing Career Services from Day One

As a career services professional, I have worked with undergraduate and graduate students at two large public universities. I also spent two years in corporate America as a national recruiter.  During my time in both worlds, I have seen how hard it is for students to articulate their experiences on a resume and in interviews. … Continued

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