CEO Club goes to the CEO National Conference in Florida

Posted on November 14, 2017

Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO)
National Conference, Tampa FL Oct 26-28, 2017

As Assistant Faculty Advisor of UNCG’s CEO Entrepreneurship Club, Noah Reynolds accompanied a group of students to the conference with over 700 attendees from 100 colleges and universities across the United States. The event included several Entrepreneur keynote speakers, a selection of break-out sessions on a variety of topics, and pitch competition with a $5,000 prize.

Quotes from Students that Attended

“The CEO 2017 conference was a great learning experience. The speakers shared a lot of incredible information along with providing inspiration for all the aspiring entrepreneurs. My favorite part of the conference was having the opportunity to meet students from all over the United States who already have their own businesses. It was also great to meet other chapters and find out what type of events and initiatives their chapter has going on”

“I think that overall this experience was more than I could’ve hoped for, and it helped me realize more about myself. I was also able to get closer with my fellow members, and that makes me happier as well, because it’ll be able to bring the club together as a whole.”

“This was my second year attending the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization National Conference. After attending last year and this year’s conference, I feel that not only have I learned a plethora of invaluable information, but I was able to meet successful entrepreneurs’ and other students who are entrepreneurs or aspiring to be one, one day.  Attending this conference for me is not only fun, but also valuable to any student.”

Noah Reynolds with CEO club members at the CEO National Conference in Tampa


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