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There are times when everyone needs a “do over” and, if you qualify, there are some unique policies at UNCG that might help you achieve that with some of your classes. With the Grade Replacement Policy, you may repeat certain UNCG courses in an attempt to earn a better grade and then request that the original grade be removed from the GPA and replaced by the grade earned in the repeated course.

How do I know if the course I want to retake qualifies for Grade Replacement?

Courses that can be retaken for Grade Replacement must meet the following criteria:

  • NOT include a specific provision regarding repeat credit outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin course description
  • Be a course that is 300-level or below
  • Be a course that you have taken since fall 2005 or after

Additionally, be aware of the following requirements:

  • Students can only replace the grades for a total of 3 courses during their undergraduate career
  • Grade Replacement cannot be combined with the Academic Renewal or Grade Forgiveness Policy
  • All Grade Replacements must be processed prior to a student’s graduation from the University. Grade Replacements cannot be processed after a degree is conferred

If you have any questions or concerns about the courses you plan on retaking for Grade Replacement, please contact your advisor in Bryan Undergraduate Student Services.

The course I want to retake qualifies for Grade Replacement. Now what?

After you have confirmed that the course meets the qualifications listed above, you should register for the course in UNCGenie (just as you would if you had never taken the course before). Then, at the end of the semester, after your final grade is posted, you must request the Grade Replacement by filling out the Grade Replacement Request Form in the University Registrar’s Office, 180 Mossman Building.

Your request will be reviewed by the staff in the Registrar’s Office and upon confirmation of your qualifications, the Grade Replacement will be processed. Remember, the grades of all your courses will still show up on your transcript but the original grade/credit hours will be removed from your GPA and replaced by the grade/credit hours earned in the repeated course.

You can work with an advisor in Bryan Undergraduate Student Services to estimate what your projected GPA might be following grade replacement or you can utilize the online GPA Calculator.

Remember: You can only utilize Grade Replacement a total of 3 times during your undergraduate career and Grade Replacement cannot be combined with the Academic Renewal/Grade Forgiveness Policy.