Economics Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Economics Department was established in 2015 with the purpose to provide advice and counsel to the department on how it may better serve its students, the University a, d the economics profession.

The Advisory Board functions to:

  • Provide advice to the Department Chair in defining the vision that leads to the betterment of the Economics Department and its students.
  • Provide a network of experienced professionals with whom the department may collaborate.
  • Act as a sounding board for new initiatives and alternative strategies.
  • Serve as liaison between the academic leadership of the economics department and professionals in economics careers.
  • Strengthen the ties between the department and the business community, government agencies, and other potential employers of the graduates as well as providers of internship opportunities.

Serving Members

Mr. Keith Becker
Dr. Gordon Brady, Ph.D.
Mr. David Brown, Esq.
Mr. Kevin Davis
Dr. Christian Gregory, Ph.D.
Ms. Amelia Hopkins
Mr. David Jolley, Chairman
Dr. Brant Morefield, Ph.D.
Dr. Matthew Trombley, Ph.D.