Bryan Staff Excellence Award

Recognizing Bryan School administrative staff for excellent performance in furthering our mission and goals

Any employees of the Bryan School who have been employed for at least two years are eligible for nomination, with the current being the second of those years. The recipient will receive a $1,000 award, a trophy, and special recognition. The Award will be presented at the April meeting of the BizMeeting+ and announced at the Bryan School Graduation Ceremony in May.

Who selects the award winner?

The Committee of the Bryan Administrative Assembly evaluates the nominees and provides the packets on all the nominees, the committee members’ evaluations, and a reasoned recommendation to the dean.  The Dean selects the winner.

Evaluation Criteria:

The winner of the Bryan Staff Excellence Award will be the person who made the most valuable contribution to furthering the mission and goals of the Bryan School of Business and Economics this year. Some of the criteria that should be considered include:

  • Excellent performance of their assigned duties supporting the work of their unit and the Bryan School
  • High professional standards and dedication to duty
  • Excellence in leadership
  • Innovative or creative thinking and problem-solving

 Notable activities, behavior, and accomplishments can include:

  • High professional standards in carrying out his or her job assignment
  • Going that extra step to follow through on tasks or projects or solving unusual or difficult problems
  • Suggesting and implementing new or improved processes or procedures to make the operations of the Bryan School or its units more effective, efficient, or useful to the Bryan School community
  • Serving in an informal or formal leadership role in performing his or her assigned duties, encouraging excellence performance or innovative thinking in the workplace
  • Serving the Bryan School community by participating in Bryan School committees or contributing to group projects or representing the Bryan School in university, civic, or professional organizations

You are encouraged to provide specific examples of the notable performance of your nominee since this will help the committee understand why you believe this person deserves special recognition.

Who can make a nomination:

Students, alumni, staff, faculty, and administrators of the Bryan School may submit nominations.

Previous winners will soon be added to this page.