Graduating Student Award

Nominate a graduating Bryan student for a Bryan student award

Eligible Students:

Baccalaureate and Master’s Level Candidates for December 2017. (Not doctoral.)

Recognition Event:

December graduates will be invited to participate in the Bryan School Graduation and Awards Ceremony in May.
Bryan School Graduation Ceremony May 4, 2018


Departments/programs are responsible for selecting the students from their areas who meet the criteria for the awards listed below. The citation must provide sufficient documentation and be compelling. If it is difficult to write the citation, then the student is probably not a good match for the award.

The Dean makes the final decision on who will receive awards, but the intention is that all submissions will be approved if the documentation is sufficient and compelling and the number of award recipients selected per department/program is not excessive.

The Citations for each recipient from your department or program is due in Gail Pack no later than Friday, October 13, 2017.

Identification of Potential Recipients:

The departmental administrative associates can run lists of December 2017 candidates for graduation using WebFocus. The department faculty should also solicit the help of the students themselves. Email lists can also be pulled from WebFocus. The students themselves are often the best sources of potential student recipients.​