Digital Signage

Guidelines for Digital Signage

Nineteen digital screens have been installed in the Bryan Building and one in the Stone building to improve the appearance of hallways, reduce the amount of paper waste created by flyers and posters, and to provide a free and convenient way for groups and individuals to share information.

Digital signs may be used by:

  • Departments within the Bryan School
  • Registered student organizations
  • Bryan School faculty and staff
  • Campus partners

The Bryan School will not allow for the posting of images that contain profanity, obscene gestures, or other content deemed inappropriate for the business school. Materials must not be obscene or defamatory and must not violate University policy or federal, state, or local laws. In keeping with University policy, student groups must include information on disability accommodations on postings about campus events.

Creating your content

Content must be a minimum size of 1920 x 1080 px (16:9 ratio) with 72 dpi, and in a jpg or png file format. If you are having trouble resizing your image, try this converter

Your slide will need to catch a viewer’s attention and quickly convey key information. Limit your words. Focus on your key message, and communicate it clearly and professionally. Provide information on how an interested viewer can follow up for more information. Limit font use to no more than three fonts per slide.

Need help creating your slide?
  • Remember, student organizations may request graphics work from the CAP graphics office.
  • Slides can be created in PowerPoint, just remember to create your slide in 16:9 ratio and save it as a jpg or png. To update your export settings to ensure proper resolution, follow these steps.
  • If the Office of External Affairs feels that your slide may not be effective as designed, a staff member will email you to recommend alterations.

Submitting your content for posting

Content should be submitted two weeks prior to the date you want it to begin. When submitting your content, you will be able to select a beginning and end date for your posting. Typically, slides will show for two weeks prior to your event date; however, that schedule is subject to change due to the volume of submissions received.

Removing a slide

If you decide that you would like to discontinue your slide before it has expired, email Mike Dickens ( and clearly specify which slide should be removed. The slide will be removed as soon as possible.  Current Slides can be viewed here.


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