Canvas and WebEx

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Canvas is the university-supported learning management system for blended and online teaching.  Some of the features include: 

  • A simple, modular design for instructors and students
  • Robust grading tools SpeedGrader
  • One-click recording and posting of audio and video (for instructors and students)
  • Drag and drop usability
  • Anti-plagiarism tools like TurnitIn
  • Integration with MyManagementLab, MyITLab, MyEconLab, etc.

By default, a member of the faculty or staff will have access to Canvas once the person activates the default computing accounts.

Visit the UNCG Canvas Resources page to learn more or go to the Bryan School Faculty Resources Organization for tutorials and more information.

WebEx logo

WebEx is the university-supported web conferencing system for hosting meetings and teaching synchronously online, and has several products useful for large and small scale virtual meetings.

  • Training Center is primarily used for teaching, learning, and  training purposes. It offers audio and video conferencing capabilities, polling, file sharing,  breakout rooms and a white board
  • Meeting Center is a simplified version of Training Center and does not offer some of the more robust Training Center features (e.g. polling, whiteboard, breakout rooms). It is designed to conduct simple business meetings.

Some of the features in Meeting Center include:

  • Audio, video and text chat
  • Integration with Canvas
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • File sharing
  • Polling and online testing

To activate your Webex account visit https://getmywebex.uncg.edu/

To log into your  WebEx visit http://webex-facstaff.uncg.edu

Visit the UNCG WebEx Resources page to learn more about Training Center and Meeting Center or go to the Bryan School Faculty Resources Organization for tutorials and more information..

Instructional Technology Guides

The following guides provide comprehensive information on the various features offered in Canvas and WebEx:

Canvas and WebEx Training

Information Technology Services (ITS) offers basic training and support on Canvas and WebEx. Faculty and staff can sign up for the introductory WebEx workshop here and the introductory Canvas workshop by clicking here. The Bryan School ITCs offer consultations on basic uses of Canvas and WebEx and conduct intermediate and advanced workshops on using Canvas and WebEx in teaching and learning.  Learn more about Bryan School Workshops and Event offerings.