Mar 15

4 Ways to Have an International Experience in Graduate School

1. Seek out a school with a diverse international population.

In many ways, graduate school offers a unique environment for expanding one’s worldview. By choosing a school with a diverse international population, you expose yourself to a collection of perspectives that encourage you broaden your horizons.

At the Bryan School of Business and Economics, graduate cohorts bring an array of cultures together, pushing each student to expand their thinking regardless of the subject. Students from around the world collaborate to solve problems and foster innovation, while continuously drawing from the experiences of those around. Erdem Ozleyen, a second-year MBA candidate from Turkey, said, “The international environment within the Bryan School has helped me emerge with a better understanding of how to leverage my strengths as a leader and how to implement sustainable solutions in a cross-cultural setting.”

2. Explore study abroad opportunities.

Within the Bryan School, learning is not limited to the classroom. Graduate students can participate in short-term study abroad opportunities. One such trip to Mannheim, Germany, included visits to prominent multinational corporations and political agencies, such as the European Central Bank. International experiences like this let students witness everyday life in a foreign country first-hand, subsequently helping them understand the cross-cultural differences and similarities they may face in their professional careers.

International Fest3. Take part in campus activities.

The beauty of a diverse student body comes from the willingness of individuals to share their culture with others. At UNCG and in the Bryan School, this inclination is a given. Each year, the International Student Association organizes the International Fest, or I-Fest, which celebrates cultural diversity through the mediums of music, food, and entertainment. Students from all around the school come together to learn from those who make the community such a welcoming mix of experiences and perspectives.

In addition, UNCG graduate students have the opportunity to participate in various cross-cultural programs, such as the Interlink Conversation Partner Program and the PAL Program. Both of these programs encourage students to gain international friends and get more involved with the diverse student body.

4. Select a program with an international focus.

To strengthen its already global learning environment, Bryan School’s newly launched MS in International Business will feature hands-on projects, including the opportunity to lead global consulting teams within the pioneering X-Culture program developed by Bryan School professor, Dr. Vas Taras.

To learn more about the new MSIB program, click here.

Lasse Written by Lasse Palomaki
Originally from Lahti, Finland, Lasse came to the United States in 2010. He earned his bachelor’s degree in International Business and Business Studies with concentration in Human Resource Management from the Bryan School in 2016, and is currently a second-year student in the MBA program.