Visit from Malia Brown, Founder and CEO of Urban Social TV

Posted on March 12, 2019

Malia Brown, the founder and CEO of Urban Social TV, was a much appreciated guest speaker in a February 2019 marketing class, where she helped the students understand the importance of a marketing plan, critical keys to launching a successful and profitable business, and how to create a social strategy to market an app, product, or service.

“UrbanSocial TV is a multimedia news platform that gives our generation (millennials) the microphone. We create content that is entertaining and informative in the areas of business, lifestyle, and culture. We envision creating a platform that encourages all millennials – no matter were they are in the world – to tap into their resources, power, and confidence to create opportunities for themselves and others.”

Senior Sarah Smithling shared, “One of the greatest things I gained from Ms. Brown’s talk was inspiration.  She is our age and has already been involved in several business ventures. She said she embraces failure and setbacks as they help her learn and evolve so that she can become more successful. This is such a positive and necessary attitude for entrepreneurs because people rarely get it exactly right the first time. She also had a very clear vision and knew her audience. It was clear in her promotional videos who her target market was, and knowing this allowed her to develop content and create promotions to best reach them.”



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