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The MA in Applied Economics is a STEM program designed for students who seek careers in business, finance, or government as economists, forecasters, policy analysts, economic researchers, or managers with strong quantitative skills. Our graduates have been hired by employers in a wide variety of organizations such as research institutes, medical centers, financial institutions, and federal and state governments. Because our MA in Applied Economics program gives its graduates a unique combination of theory, policy analysis, and data analytic skills, our graduates are well positioned for promotions after their initial placements.

90% of our graduates, in recent years, have found work in their chosen fields within three months of graduation, with about half of those graduates having job offers in hand before graduation.

Salaries are typically in the $55,000 to $85,000 range. Our graduates earn on average about 30% more per year than those with a bachelor’s degree in economics. That amounts to over a million dollars of increased earnings over a lifetime.

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STEM Classified

The MA in Applied Economics is a recognized STEM program, which allows for additional benefits for both domestic and international students. Ask our graduate recruiter for details.

Passion for Health Policy Analysis


Alumna Anna MacMonegle Passionate about Public Health AnalysisAs a public health economist at RTI International, Anna MacMonegle leads research and health policy analysis for state- and national-level health communication campaigns. Learn about her career and how she directly applies the coursework from her MA in Applied Economics to her professional work.


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Full-time, part-time, and accelerated options

For those who want to pursue the MA in Applied Economics program full-time, this 30-semester-hour program is designed to be completed in just three semesters. However, we recognize that not everyone has the flexibility to pursue the degree full-time. We will gladly to work with those who want to pursue the program part-time to ensure they find the program equally as rigorous and rewarding. Currently, the MA program is only delivered during the day and face-to-face; we do not offer evening or online courses.

Extremely well-qualified undergraduate students who are economics majors (BA or BS) at UNCG can be admitted to the Accelerated Degree Program, which allows them to begin taking graduate courses as part of their undergraduate programs. With appropriate planning, ADP students can earn both their bachelor’s in economics and their MA in Applied Economics in as little as five years. See the separate section describing the ADP program in economics for more information.

Program Structure

Beyond number crunching

Professionals who can address real-world problems in business, finance, and government with advanced data analytics are highly sought after in today’s competitive job market. The Bryan School’s Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Economics goes beyond the standard data analytics program. We provide graduates with a unique combination of economic theory, policy analysis, and data analysis skills.

We teach students to identify real-world problems, understand the nature and context of those problems, and use the combination of theory, policy analysis, and data analysis to solve those problems. Excellent training is also provided for students who wish to enter the PhD program at UNCG or to pursue additional graduate education at other institutions.

As a recognized STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), both international and domestic students are eligible for additional benefits.  International students will be granted a longer OPT timeline through the STEM OPT eligible criteria.  Domestic graduate students will be eligible to receive outside STEM scholarships and aid such as those offered from the National Science Foundation.

Program Curriculum Cost & Financial Aid

Recent positions of our graduates:

Health Economic Analyst,
Lockheed Martin

Economic and Financial Modeling Specialist,
Freddie Mac

Associate Research Analyst,
Center for Naval Analyses

Risk Analyst,

Health Economist,
Abt Associates

Data Analyst,
Luxottica Group

Statistics Programmer,

Manager of Operational Analytics and Reporting,
Goodwill Industries

Qualitative Specialist,
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Policy Analyst,
North Carolina Department of Commerce

Economic Advisor,
World Leadership Survey Project

Model Governance Analyst,
First Citizens Bank

Research Public Health Analyst,
RTI International

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