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We’ve designed the MS in International Business program to provide an interactive dialogue between a diverse group of students and faculty through a global online classroom. This program is designed to bring faculty and students together within multicultural teams to learn about international business and solve real business problems. Students learn to operate across borders and time-zones, as is required of business leaders in today’s complex global environment.

Mission and learning goals

The mission of the MS in International Business program is to produce world-class leaders and managers who can ensure effective organizational performance in an interconnected world.

With this mission in mind, the following are the learning objectives of the program:
  1. Develop an appreciation and understanding of the global environment such as different cultural, economic, political, and institutional settings;
  2. Develop an understanding of the relationship between the businesses and the global environment;
  3. Develop principled leaders with a global mindset;
  4. Develop the ability to create new, or transform established, businesses in innovative ways to thrive in the complex dynamic global environment;

You will achieve these learning objectives by working with your peers in global teams to solve real-world business problems and projects.

The Bryan School has been providing professionals with graduate business education for over forty years.

Our programs have long had a global focus and our faculty and students have always come from diverse backgrounds. This program will take advantage of that experience, the global expertise or our faculty, a diverse set of students, and advances in technology to overcome the constraints of time and place that often inhibit global education. Our online program provides the flexibility to stay in your current location and obtain a truly global education.

Go full-time and complete the degree in one year or study part-time and complete the degree in two years.

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