Develop your intercultural business skills in a diverse environment

Intercultural Immersion

One of the highlights of the MS in International Business program is that you will be working with faculty and students with extremely diverse backgrounds. You will experience a variety of learning formats including case studies, projects with businesses, lectures, and discussion, as well as group projects and presentations. All of these interactions will be with faculty and students with different geographic and cultural backgrounds, allowing you to experience a wide variety of viewpoints and experiences to help better develop your intercultural skills.

Bringing it all together with hands-on learning

In the final two terms of your program, you will take Global Projects courses that will combine your coursework and experience together as you solve real-world problems for organizations as part of a global team.

Complete your degree in one year full-time, or two years part-time

The MS in International Business consists of 30 credit hours and is designed for students with any undergraduate major.  An understanding of core business concepts is developed through the coursework and hands-on projects. It is possible to earn your degree as a full-time student in 12 months or as a part-time student in 24 months.

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Required Courses

The MS in International Business program consists of 30 credit hours: 18 credit hours of core coursework and 12 credit hours of electives.

Core Coursework

(3 credit hours each)

  • BUS 614: Leadership in the International Environment
  • BUS 615: Global Business in Practice
  • BUS 617: International Business Strategy
  • BUS 621: Research Methods in International Business
  • BUS 622: Cross-Cultural Management
  • BUS 618: International Collaboration Project

Elective Course Options

(3 credit hours each) Choose 4 from the following courses:

  • BUS 616: International Business Negotiations
  • BUS 695: Special Topics in International Business
  • MBA 703: Economic Policies and Impact on Global Outcomes
  • MBA 717: Innovation
  • MBA 733: International Marketing Management
  • MBA 745: Experience Business Abroad
  • ACC 688: Advanced Business Law
  • ISM 677: Information Systems Management
  • ISM 667: Global Cyber Threat Analysis
  • SCM 650: Principles of Supply Chain Management
  • ISM 670: IT Driven Disruptive Innovations Management
  • SCM 678: Project Management for Dynamic Environments

Have Questions?

If you still have questions regarding our MS in International Business program please reach out to our graduate recruitment team by phone or email. You may also schedule a time to meet with one of our recruiters or attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

Ms. Savannah Martin

Graduate Recruitment Specialist
301F Bryan Building 336-334-4657

Dr. Vladislav Maksimov

Associate Professor and Director of MS in International Business
Bryan 351 (336) 334-3424