General Admission Requirements

The Master’s in Information Technology and Management (MSITM) is open to students with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Our admissions decisions are based upon your work experience, academic credentials, personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

Application Deadline

Be sure to submit and complete your application in full before the deadline.

Fall Semester: June 15 (May 15 for international applicants)
Spring Semester: November 15 (September 15 for international applicants)
Summer Semester: April 1 (February 15 for international applicants)

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Application Requirements

You must submit:
› Completed Graduate School Application and $65 application fee
› Official transcripts
› GMAT or GRE* score (waiver available)
Personal statement.
Three letters of recommendation from former professors or work supervisors
› Resume
› TOEFL score – for non-native English speakers (taken within last 2 years)

Bryan Prelude

Uncertain if you’re ready for a graduate program? Try a class or two before formally applying to a program through the Bryan Prelude program. You’ll apply to study as a “Visiting Student”. Up to six hours of credit taken as a Prelude/Visiting Student may be accepted towards a master’s degree program, and up to three hours of credit may be accepted towards a graduate certificate.

Find complete details here:

GMAT/GRE Waivers

GMAT/GRE Waiver requests must meet specific criteria (below) and are reviewed during the application process. The test score waiver request form is found in your application as part of the Degree Program section. The form is titled “Entrance Exam Waiver Consideration Request.” In order to submit your application, you must include a place-holder test date on the Test Score section.

Please read waiver requirements carefully and select the best-fit category. Be sure to include the requested documentation.

Waivers are evaluated utilizing application materials; therefore, the review process begins when applications are otherwise complete.

If you have any questions about the process or categories*, please contact Jillian Joncas (

*You may find one waiver category listed below (A Bryan School of Business and Economics major AND a graduating UNCG GPA of 3.3 or above) does not yet appear on the waiver form in the application.  If this is the case, please upload a brief statement requesting a GMAT Waiver per said category to the Supplemental Documents section of your application and alert Jillian via email to view your request.
Waivers may be available for:

Students who meet one of the following criteria may request a GMAT/GRE waiver as a part of their application for admission. A personal interview with the Admissions Subcommittee may be required.

  1. An applicant who is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society with a minimum 3.3 GPA out of 4.0.
    No waiver application is necessary. BGS must be noted on the application for admission and a copy of the BGS certificate must be submitted.
  2. An applicant with a terminal/professional degree (e.g. MD, PhD, JD, EdD or DBA) with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 for this degree.
  3. An applicant with an advanced degree (e.g. MA, MSc, etc.) from at least a regionally accredited institution which required an entrance exam such as the GRE or equivalent; AND
    1. with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0; AND
    2. with relevant professional work experience (may include military service), to be determined by the Admission Subcommittee; AND
    3. with a demonstration of adequate quantitative ability in the form of a statistics or algebra course at the college-level with a grade of C or better.
  4. An applicant with a bachelor’s degree from at least a regionally accredited institution; AND
    1. with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0; AND
    2. with at least seven years of significant, progressive professional work experience (may include military service), to be determined by the Admission Subcommittee.
    3. Applicants whose application meets one of these minimum requirements may be interviewed by the admissions subcommittee.

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Craft the Perfect Personal Statement

Unsure about what to include in your personal statement? This document is an important part of your graduate school application.

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To Whom It May Concern

Need assistance with letters of recommendation? Let’s break this down: Who do I ask? How do they submit?

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Have Questions?

If you still have questions regarding our MS in IT & Management Program please reach out to our graduate recruitment team by phone or email. You may also schedule a time to meet with one of our recruiters or attend one of our upcoming information sessions.

Ms. Jennifer Chapman

Assistant Director of Graduate Recruitment
301U Bryan Building 336-256-1432