Bachelor’s to MA in Applied Economics

Earn your bachelor's degree and an MA in Applied Economics in just five years.

Features of the Accelerated Master's Program

  • The opportunity to begin graduate studies while completing your bachelor’s degree
  • Up to 12 hours of graduate coursework taken in your senior year can count toward both degrees
  • The MA in Applied Economics will be awarded after just one additional year of study beyond the bachelor’s degree
  • Fellowships, scholarships, and assistantships are available for highly qualified students.

Why earn an MA in Applied Economics?

The MA in Applied Economics is a highly marketable professional degree.  It provides training in data analytics, policy evaluation, and advanced economic theory. McKinsey & Company reports there will be a shortage of 140,000-190,000 people with analytical expertise in the government and private sectors in the next five years. Kiplinger’s magazine recently declared the MA in Economics to be one of “10 advanced degrees worth the debt” and projected the mid-career salary for a person holding an MA in Economics to be $115,300.

Recent graduates of our MA in Applied Economics program have gone on to careers with employers like the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the US Environmental Protection Agency, Bank of America, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Fidelity Investments, Freddie Mac, BB&T, and Battelle Industries.

  • About 50% of our MA in Applied Economics students have job offers in hand before they officially graduate.
  • About 90% of our graduates from the MA in Applied Economics program find jobs in their field within three months of graduating.

Eligibility requirements:

You must have completed 60-semester credits at UNCG or another institution at the time you apply.
You must have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5 based on at least 30 hours of credit earned at UNCG.

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Dr. Dennis Leyden

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Five steps to get started

  1. Freshman & Sophomore Years: Take the three economics foundations courses before your junior year — no later than the summer following your sophomore year — and receive grades of B+ or better in each course. Equivalent transfer courses are accepted:
    • Principles of Microeconomics (ECO 201),
    • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 202), and
    • Economics/Business Statistics I (ECO 250)
  2. Sophomore & Junior Years: Take the four master’s program prerequisite courses before or during your junior year and earn a grade of B+ or better  in each course to be eligible. The MA in Applied Economics program requires four prerequisite courses:
    • Intermediate Microeconomics (ECO 301),
    • Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECO 302),
    • Quantitative Analysis (ECO 319), and
    • Economics/Business Statistics II (ECO 350).
  3. Discuss the AMP with the Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Dennis Leyden, early in your junior year. The Director of Graduate Studies will review your economics background and help you plan your coursework for your final year.
  4. Submit your completed AMP application to the Department of Economics (Bryan 462) by the end of your junior year. Copies of the AMP application are available at the Economics Department office in Bryan 462. An electronic AMP application is also available.
  5. Apply to The Graduate School at UNCG for admission to the MA in Applied Economics program. You must complete the electronic Slate application by the end of your junior year to be formally admitted to the Accelerated Degree Program.