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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration will provide you an excellent opportunity to build a foundation of business knowledge that applies across organizations of any size or scope. Provides broad exposure to core business functions — economics, finance, management, marketing and supply chain management. Compete — and succeed — as a business professional in the dynamic, global economy.

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We offer an entirely online version of the Business Administration degree, complete with the same courses and faculty who teach on campus.

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Available concentrations

Business studies concentration

A business studies concentration allows you to tailor your program to fit your professional aspirations. Examples of customized degree programs include health care management, business and pre-law, corporate communications, and financial product sales.

The only required course is:

MGT-375: Management Process Skills

University Catalog 2021-2022

Human Resources concentration

Learn the basics every Human Resource Professional should know. Coursework is offered in Industrial / Organizational Psychology, Compensation and Selection, Training, Organizational Change, Diversity Management, HR Law, and Human Resource Information Systems.

Required courses include:
MGT-313: Human Resource Management
MGT-315: Selection and Compensation
MGT-354: Managing Diversity in Organizations
MGT-475: Employment and Human Resource Law

University Catalog 2021-2022

Management concentration

Take advantage the opportunity of this program offers to focus on courses for your major requirements which are exclusively in the management area such as leadership, organizational behavior, human resources, decision-making, cross-cultural management, and strategy.

Required courses include:

BUS-328: Organizational Leadership
MGT-300: Management of Organizations
MGT-354: Managing Diversity in Organizations
MGT-403: Decision Making in Organizations

University Catalog 2021-2022