Expand your entrepreneurial skillset

Interested in learning about creating new enterprises that are sustainable and build value, whether for-profit or not-for-profit?

Entrepreneurship students study in the largest cross-disciplinary program in the U.S., with over 40 courses in 22 departments across UNCG. The program has received multiple national and international awards. The program provides students the opportunity to develop concept models, feasibility studies, business plans, and implementation plans for businesses and innovative ventures across seven areas of study.

Students will learn how to start or grow a business, and to be creative and innovative in any organization. Students will have an opportunity to interview for, and possibly obtain a scholarship for, an internship in entrepreneurship. A minor in entrepreneurship is also available for students wishing to combine this with their current major.

For more information on this program, contact Mrs. Diana Brandt ( or Dr. Dianne Welsh (

Kaitlyn Moody presenting her non profit feasibility model for an organization she wants to start that saves dogs from animal shelters and trains them to be police dogs or service dogs in an entrepreneurship class (pictured below.)


ICE Clothing Co-Founders and Twins
Omari and Khari Brodrick



Above L – CEO Club officers – Regional CEO Conference in Tennessee; Above R – some CEO Conference Attendees


The Entrepreneurship Personality: Dr. Dianne Welsh

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Hands-on Learning

The entrepreneurship cross-disciplinary program includes a number of opportunities to combine theory with practice through hands-on opportunities. Here are just a few of the classes that offer practical experiences. Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Cross Disciplinary Program.

Click here to watch an interview of recent grad Samantha Miller

Sample courses:

ENT/BUS-206: Start Something
This course gives students the opportunity to establish a viable business on campus.

ENT/MST-320: Multimedia for Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement
Includes the creation of a home page for civic organizations engaged in social entrepreneurship to enhance learning by engaging in community service activities.

ENT/BUS-340: Social Entrepreneurship
Involves students in course projects with non-profits, start-ups, and entrepreneurial companies.

ENT/MKT-403: Entrepreneurial Marketing
Focuses on marketing strategy, planning, and tactics for entrepreneurial firms. It addresses general marketing issues and specific marketing problems. Entrepreneurial firms serve as clients for student consulting teams.

ENT/MKT-427: Personal Selling Internship
Allows students to put in a minimum of 100 hours planned work experience in an organization with a personal sales force.

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