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Join the fast-growing global tourism and hospitality industry.

Hospitality and tourism are considered one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S. Economy and represents one of the largest business sectors in the world economy.

We strive to help you become a global citizen who can solve complex problems by using sustainable development tools and a triple-bottom line approach, which considers social, environmental, and financial factors. You’ll develop the skills to think innovatively and entrepreneurially, and to communicate effectively. You’ll also increase your global awareness through international experience, and engage in sustainability-focused tourism and hospitality courses, work experience, and community projects.

We focus on sustainability education to ensure that when you graduate, you are aware of critical environmental and social issues and can become agents of positive change. We are also fully committed to promoting sustainable tourism and hospitality practices throughout our region, state, and nation through an innovative and hands-on curriculum, community-engaged scholarship, and targeted executive education.

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Explore the dimensions of sustainable tourism and hospitality


STH-251: Multi-Cultural Issues in Hospitality & Tourism
Sample Course

Multicultural and global issues in hospitality and tourism. Historical, socioeconomic, cultural, and linguistic variables impacting tourism and hospitality marketing, operations, and human resources. Study of selected Western and non-Western cultures.

STH-310: Hotel Operations
Sample Course

Exploration of hotel management from a sustainability perspective. Topics include revenue-management, forecasting, budgeting, measuring operational and employee performance, ethics, and property management technology.

STH-491: Tourism & Hospitality Strategic Management
Sample Course

Capstone case course where students utilize the integration of knowledge and skill, acquired through their coursework through the strategic management process to address issues facing tourism and hospitality organizations.

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Study abroad opportunity

Students have sometimes fulfilled required work hours for this degree or have received credit for major-related internships abroad.

Employment Verification Form (to be used in fulfilling work hours abroad, or in the U.S.)  This form is to be submitted to Dr. Erick Byrd in Bryan 441, when you have completed your required work hours for the STH program.


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