Accounting Minor

On Campus   •   Minor

No matter what your major, a minor in accounting can help you achieve your career aspirations and take your business goals to the next level.


Business Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

Available for any students in majors who are in good standing in the University. The minor complements a variety of professional as well as arts and sciences fields. 


Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

Open to all majors. Broaden your knowledge of a fast-paced, dynamic, and global industry. Understanding the fashion and retail industries will give you an edge to build a career in fashion marketing, design, or merchandising.


Economics Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

Open to all majors. Leverage a strong foundation in economic principles and applications. A minor in economics is a marketable choice to enhance a broad array of majors.


Entrepreneurship Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

Open to all students on campus! The minor boosts your job-ready skills and appeals to employers as all businesses need creative and innovative individuals-skills that are needed for 21st Century success.


Information Technology Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

The Information Technology minor is a 15 credit hour program, which has five, three credit hour courses, designed for students interested in gaining information technology skills.


Professional Selling Minor

On-Campus   •   Minor

Open to all majors. The professional selling minor is intended to provide students with skills useful not only in sales positions but any position where one may need to influence people.