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The CARS student-run organization, THREADS, fosters community, professional development, and creative enrichment to greatly enhance your academic experience. Often, students tell us how much their time in THREADS has meant to them because of the social connections, experiential learning, and peer mentoring that the organization provides. THREADS hosts numerous networking events throughout the year to help students find friends, study partners, internships and potential employers. Upperclassmen offer mentorship to newer students in the form of resume writing, interviewing tips and more.

THREADS hosts two fashion shows a year: Pink Power in October and the annual Spring Fashion Show. These shows showcases student designs and expose CARS students to the broader industry community. Membership in the organization is not limited to students enrolled in the CARS major or minor, but welcomes everyone for their individual talents. Learn more about THREADS and why students are so passionate about their engagement with this active and supportive organization.

Threads’ Magazine: A Stitch in Time

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Threads’ 4th  Annual Pink Power Fashion Show Overview

On October 26th, 2018 UNCG Threads Club presented the 4th Annual Pink Power Fashion Show in the Cone Ballroom on campus. Their mission, as it is every year, was to raise money and create awareness for breast cancer research while giving the Threads club members an opportunity to showcase their designs for a good cause. The Pink Power Fashion Show is always held in October and all the garments that walk the runway are pink in honor of breast cancer awareness.  This fashion show is completely student organized and extracurricular for each student.

Every year, 40% of the ticket proceeds are donated to support Mammography Scholarships at Cone Hospital. This year, $1,556.63 was accepted by the Cone representative Pam Berret for donation to the cause. Each year the attendance and amount Threads is able to donate grows.

This year, Threads collaborated with the UNCG Chariots, an on-campus a-capella group.  The Chariots performed two of their most inspiring and empowering songs to open The Pink Power Fashion Show. Breast cancer survivor Gina DeChambeau also came to speak to audience members about her experience as a survivor and gave some tips on how to recognize the early signs of breast cancer.  The show wrapped up after an hour and a half with Cone representative, Pam Berret, speaking briefly and accepting the donation on behalf of Cone Health.

Threads’ 14th Annual Spring Fashion Show Overview

The Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies’ student organization, Threads’, held their 14th Annual Spring Fashion Show at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Greensboro on April 13th, 2019.  Threads’ annual fundraising event showed over 100 different looks and sold approximately 500 tickets, making this their biggest show yet.

The theme for this year’s show was nature inspired with flower petals on and off the runway.  The night started off with the Unconventional Challenge where students were tasked with creating outfits made from unconventional materials.   In the spirit of this year’s theme, students were encouraged to used materials found in nature. Vashti Usry, winner of the “Best Show Stopper” award, created her look with faux flowers and leaves arranged into a short skirt with a long flower train and a regal flower head-dress.  The winner of “Best Use of Materials,” Cassidy Burel, created her full-bodied dress with natural moss and created a stick shoulder pad accessory to accent her all-natural look.  Finally, Hope Hauser took home the prize for “Most Creative Use of Materials” with her dress made of leaves dipped in glycerin and painted black that were sewn down to fabric and adorned with real raven feather trim on both shoulders.  Special thanks to Robert Garner of Kontoor Brands, DJ Hargrave of Twin City Fashion Week, and Acacio da Silva of Avexa for coming to judge the Unconventional Challenge.

To finish up the night, Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors showed the collections they had been working on throughout the year.  Each designer had anywhere from two to fifteen different outfits walking the runway throughout the night.

Keep an eye out for articles about the show that are being published by YesWeekly and Ehphex média.



Threads’ Cambridge: A Winter Fashion Show

After a year-long hiatus from the Coronavirus pandemic, UNCG Threads is back to present the first ever Winter Fashion Show inspired by Winter in Cambridge, England. This event was held in the Cone Ballroom on campus on November 21st, 2021. Similar to past fashion shows, the categories included Styling, Design, and Unconventional in which students were required to use a cool tone color scheme. As this is the first year that student organizations were allowed to host in-person events after the hiatus, students and faculty safety were an important factor. To abide by the university COVID-19 regulations, the event was only open to UNCG students and faculty members while closed to the public. As creatives, the students understood the importance of their family and friends attendance which called for an innovative approach. For the first time, Threads hosted a fashion that was completely attendable by virtually anyone through online streaming. With such positive response and high participation, Threads hope to continue their fashion shows in this additional format to reach the community even further.

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