Common Prerequisite Quick Reference Guide

Undergraduate Bulletin 2017-2018

This document is not meant to be a replacement for your Undergraduate Bulletin but rather a tool to assist as you prepare for advising. Always refer to the official course bulletin for the year you entered the program for official policies and course descriptions.

Undergraduate Bulletin

Business Course Prerequisites

Note: All classes in the Bryan School require a 2.0 GPA or above.

ISM 110
2.0 GPA (or above)
MAT 115 (or higher)
MAT 115 (or higher) ACC 218 is a required entry course for ACC Majors
ACC 201 or 218
2.0 GPA (or above)
ECO 101 or 201
MAT 115 (or higher); ISM 110
ECO 101 or 201, and ECO 202
FIN 315
ACC 201 or 218; ECO 201 and 202
ISM 280
ISM 110
MGT 301
Major within the Bryan School
MGT 312
Sophomore standing
MGT 330
2.0 GPA (or above)
MGT 491
MGT 301, 312; MKT 309, 320; FIN 315; ISM 280; Senior standing; major within the Bryan School
MKT 309
Junior standing; major within the Bryan School
MKT 320
ACC 201 or 218; ISM 110; ECO 201; MAT 115 or higher; CST 105; major within the Bryan School
SCM 302
ISM 110 and Junior Standing


All courses taken towards a concentration or major core requirements you must earn C or better grade. MAT 115 grade of C or better to progress to MAT 120

ACC 218, ACC 202, ECO 201, ISM 280, ACC 318, ACC 319, ACC 325, ACC 330, ACC 420, ACC 440, ACC Elective for Major
ACC 201 or 218, FIN 315, FIN 330, FIN 410, FIN 442, Finance Major Electives: See Bulletin for approved courses
Business Studies
MGT 375 & 18 hours of required courses to meet the major requirements
Human Resources
MGT 313, MGT 315, MGT 414, MGT 475, Human Resources Major Electives: See Bulletin for approved courses
MKT 320, MKT 422, MKT 426, MKT 429, Marketing Major Electives: See Bulletin for approved courses
International Business
MGT 302, MGT 304, 9 hours of required course to meet the major requirements
ENT/BUS 300, ENT/FIN 335, ENT/BUS 336, ENT/BUS 450 or ENT/MKT 427, All other courses used to meet the specific profile and direct elective requirements
Information Systems
ISM 110, ISM 218, ISM 240, ISM 280, ISM 301
Supply Chain Management
ISM 110

Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies Course Prerequisites

Required for all concentrations

CRS 242: Design Principles and Technology
CARS major (F/S)
CRS 211: Textile Science (F/S)
CRS 221: Culture, Human Behavior and Dress (F)
CRS 231: Intro to CARS Industries (F/S)
CRS 255: Consumer Behavior (S) OR CRS 262: Fashion Marketing and Communication (S)
CRS 312: Technical Apparel Analysis (F/S)
CRS 211
CRS 331: Professional Development (F)
2.2 GPA, RCS 361 or APD 252
CRS 363: Global Sourcing (F/S)
CRS 231
CRS 481: Capstone (S)
APD: 443; RCS: 560 and GARI: RCS 464
CRS 332: Internship (Summer)
2.2 GPA, CARS 331; CARS major, 18 hours in major

Required for Retail and Consumer Studies

RCS 264: Fashion Retail Management (F)
RCS 361: Fundamentals of Buying (S)
MAT 115 and RCS 264 or MKT 326
RCS 363: Visual Merchandising (F)
CRS 242 and RCS 264
RCS 464: Global Retail Strategy and Management (F)
RCS 264 or MKT 326
RCS 560: Advanced Buying and Planning (F)
RCS 361
RCS 584: Advanced Retail Analysis (S)
RCS 464
Plus 9 hours CARS electives

Legend: (F) indicates Fall Course and (S) indicates Spring Course

Required for Global Apparel and Related Industries

RCS 361: Fundamentals of Retail Buying and Merchandising (S)
C or higher in MAT 115 and RCS 264 or MKT 326
RCS 464: Global Retail Strategy and Management (F)
RCS 264 or MKT 326
RCS 584: Advanced Retail Analysis (S)
C or higher in RCS 361
Plus 6 hours CARS electives
Student will need to complete RCS 264 as one of the two required CARS electives

Required for Apparel Design

APD 200: Fundamentals of AP Development (F/S)
CARS Major
APD 244: Visual Communication (S)
CRS 242
APD 251: Studio I: Garment Construction (F)
APD 200
APD 252: Studio II: Patternmaking and Draping (S)
APD 200, APD 251, CRS 211, CRS 242, and MAT 115
APD 310: Portfolio Development (F)
APD 244 and APD 252 (APD 303)
APD 341: Studio III: Advanced Patternmaking and Draping (F)
APD 252
APD 443: Studio IV: Creative and Technical Design (F)
APD 244 and 341
Plus 9 hours CARS electives

Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Course Prerequisites

STH 231: Tourism, Cultures, and Places
None (F/S)
STH 251: Multicultural Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
None (F)
STH 310: Hotel Operations
ACC 201 (F)
STH 311: Sustainable Food and Beverage
None (S)
STH 313: Revenue Management
ECO 201 and MAT 115 or higher
STH 332: Sustainable Destination Planning and Management
None (F)
STH/ENT/CTR 451: Service Management
None (F/S)
STH 491: Tourism and Hospitality Strategic Management
STHP major and Senior Standing (F/S)

STH Electives

STH 312: Greening Hotel Facilities
None (S)
STH 331/GEO 331: Sustainable Tourism and Transportation
None (S)
STH 345: Cross-Cultural Study Tour in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
Minimum 2.0 UNCG GPA
STH 354/ENT 354: Restaurant Entrepreneurship
Junior or Senior Standing (F)
STH 401: Hotel and Travel Services Marketing
STH 332 or MKT 320 (S)
STH 433: Business Tourism
None (S)
STH 445: Community-Based Sustainable Tourism Planning
Minimum 2.0 UNCG GPA
STH 459: Independent Study in Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality
STHP Major and Department Approval (F/S)
STH 473: Wine Appreciation for the Hospitality Professional
Must be 21 years old or older (S)