Journey abroad for a richer educational experience

Why study abroad?

Learn about business from a new and unique perspective.
Meet foreign language requirements while studying in a non-English speaking country.
Impress employers with skills you mastered while studying abroad.
Broaden your academic and personal horizons by going on an adventure you cannot get at home.
Improve your language skills, and enhance your understanding of coursework upon returning to UNCG.
Explore the opportunity to use your financial aid award to have an international experience.
Exchanges allow students to pay UNCG tuition, which keeps costs down and makes study abroad accessible.

Planning Ahead

Imagine taking classes in the United Kingdom, China, or Mexico. Experiencing academic courses through the prism of another culture provides you with a rare opportunity to gain new perspectives about teaching and learning. With proper planning, study abroad can help you prepare for your professional life.

Steps for Bryan School Students

Communicate Interest: Complete our online interest and talk with your Bryan School Academic Advisor when you are planning your classes. Discuss the coursework and semester that will work best for your situation.

Attend a Study Abroad Interest Meeting
These sessions are held weekly by the Bryan School during the fall and spring semesters. Reserve your seat by calling (336) 334-5928. You may also call the International Programs Center at (336) 334-5404 to sign up for one of their meetings.

Research Your Options
Learn about our partner institutions by reviewing program information on the International Program Center’s site at Consider where you want to be geographically. Talk with study abroad alumni about their experiences. Investigate cultural resources to learn more about countries and cities abroad.

Schedule an Appointment to Review Your Application
Applications are accepted each semester, and your Bryan School Advisor should review your application before you submit. Use the Starfish scheduling tool in Canvas to make an appointment. You can also work with an advisor with the International Programs Center (IPC). Cal the IPC at 336.334.5404 for more information.

Complete the Study Abroad Interview
This is your opportunity to impress the Study Abroad Committee members who will be your advocates to our overseas partners. This is not a formal interview, but you should be prepared to talk about your academics, interests, and goals for studying abroad.

Participate in Mandatory Orientations
Orientation workshops required by both the International Programs Center and the Bryan School of Business and Economics will provide detailed information that you must know before you go abroad.

Have a question?

To learn more, schedule an appointment to talk with a Study Abroad Advisor by calling the IPC Office at (336) 334-5404 or by visiting 207 Foust.

Their receptionist will work with you to schedule an “Options” appointment, where you will learn the basics about international program opportunities.


Interest form

  • Your student ID number, assigned to you by the University.
  • Please use your official, University email address.

Setting goals and planning ahead

Most Bryan students can study abroad at some point during their time at UNCG, but some programs have stricter eligibility requirements than others. Studying abroad at UNCG is a thoroughly engaging experience, similar to selecting your major or minor.

It is never too early to begin planning; start about one year before you go.
Set some goals. There are many excellent study abroad programs and you will want to choose the one that best fits your needs.
Prioritize your goals. Consider your long-term academic and professional goals as well as your degree requirements.
Prepare academically. You may need to take language or prerequisite classes for your program.
Consider short-term and long-term options.
Give yourself time to research. Talk to advisors and study abroad alumni.

Join the fun of FRIDAY FEST!

Each Friday during fall and spring semesters international students and study abroad alumni share their stories. Go to te downstairs lounge in the Phillip Hawkins residence hall – also known as the International House – on between 2—4 pm on Fridays. Learn more about other cultures and meet people with experience to share!

Suggestions for Each Class Standing


This is the best time for Bryan School students to start planning for study abroad with your academic advisor.
Consider your academic and career goals and research the countries/schools where you would like to study.
If you study abroad during your freshman year, you will be able to fulfill general education requirements.


If you study abroad during your sophomore year, you may take courses in business, a few general education courses, and language courses.
Some study abroad programs require four semesters of foreign language—these would not be an option for most sophomores.
If you study abroad as a sophomore, you may be able to fit two study abroad experiences into your college career.


This is probably the best year for Bryan School students to study abroad. At this time, you have a better idea of your personal and professional goals.
Ultimately, you would probably get more out of the study abroad experience as a junior than as a freshman.
You can take courses in business, a few general education courses, and language courses.


Do not wait until your senior year to start planning a study abroad program. While it may not be too late, it will certainly be more difficult to find classes you have not already taken.

If you must wait until your senior year because of financial constraints or other obligations, be aware that your graduation may be delayed as we wait for transcripts of the foreign institution to arrive. (You could still walk in the May graduation, but would receive your diploma at a later date.)

Options by Major

Business Majors
Accounting (ACC)
Business Administration-Business Studies (BUS)
Business Administration-Human Resources Management (MGT)
Economics (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science)
Entrepreneurship (ENT)
Finance (FIN)
Information Systems & Operations Management (ISM)
International Business Studies
Marketing (MKT)
Sustainable Tourism & Hospitality
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies (CRS)
Apparel Product Design (APD)
Global Apparel & Related Industries Studies
Retail and Consumer Studies (RCS)

Paying for Study Abroad

You pay UNCG tuition and fees, and exchange places with a student from an institution abroad.
Financial aid applies to all semester and yearlong study abroad programs.
Travel grants are available to cover your cost of transportation.
Early planning for study abroad helps you make cost-effective program decisions and allows you to prepare finances through saving, scholarships, and financial aid.
Contact the International Programs Center to find out if you are eligible for UNCG funds through study abroad scholarships.

Steps for Students Accepted to Study Abroad

Attend the mandatory Bryan Study Abroad Advising orientation. Details on this required orientation will be provided to you once you are accepted to study abroad.
Work with your assigned academic advisor to select eight to nine possible courses to take abroad. You will need to know what is on your Degree Evaluation or Degree Works report.

Ask your advisor for a graduation plan so you are prepared to register while you are abroad for the subsequent semester.
Have your advisor complete the “Transfer Credit Request” form before you depart for your program.

Bryan School Guidelines

Below are some general guidelines for Bryan School students who study abroad:

You can participate in a study abroad program that is designed to fulfill your general education requirements.
You can choose a partner institution that offers business courses (often taught in English) and earn credit toward your business requirements.
You can choose elective courses to receive credit toward the minimum 122-hour requirement.
You can consider experiential programs at partner institutions, like service-learning or internships (mostly unpaid), as part of your hands-on project requirement.

For International Business Studies Majors

All students majoring in International Business Studies (INTB) are required to spend at least one fall or spring semester studying abroad. If you have special circumstances and cannot meet this requirement, you must request special permission using the online appeal form available through the Bryan Undergraduate Student Services website.
You are expected to complete four semesters of the foreign language before you may participate in a study abroad program with courses taught only in the native language of that country.

You will be able to take upper-level language courses, country or regional-specific courses, as well as courses required for your major while you are abroad.
For students studying Italian as their language for the INTB major: you must take all available Italian classes here at UNCG, then study Italian language with our partner in Italy in order to meet the requirement for the major.

American Sign Language, Latin, and Greek at UNCG are not acceptable foreign languages for INTB majors.

Summer Programs

You may choose a UNCG faculty-led cultural or a language-intensive summer program at any point during your time at UNCG.
Some partner institutions offer a variety of summer course options but they may be fee-based programs and financial aid may not apply. If you are interested in these exchange partner summer programs, you must work with the International Programs Center in order to receive credit at UNCG.

Academically-sound summer programs are typically a minimum of four weeks, in the country. Expect to take only three or six credit hours worth of courses as part of any summer program. Travel grant funds are limited during the summer semester and you should expect to have greater personal costs for short-term programs.

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity that requires extensive planning and research. It’s important to plan ahead; so, where do you start?

The UNCG International Programs Center offers a variety of international education opportunities for undergraduate students. Bryan School faculty and academic advisors encourage students from each major to consider adding an international experience as part of their degree, and firmly believe that it is important for students to gain a meaningful international perspective before they graduate

Start your Journey

All Bryan School students must work with the International Programs Center (IPC) Study Abroad Advisors to discuss options and apply to participate in summer, semester, or academic year programs. An IPC advisor will work with each student to find the best fit at one of over 70 exchange partnership institutions. Most partner institutions teach courses in English, and students will work with their assigned Bryan School Academic Advisor to find classes that will meet requirements for their degree.

To learn more, schedule an appointment to talk with a Study Abroad Advisor by calling the IPC Office at (336) 334-5404 or by visiting 207 Foust. Their receptionist will work with you to schedule an “Options” appointment, where you will learn the basics about international program opportunities.