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Welcome, new transfer and readmitted students!

Welcome to the Bryan School of Business and Economics!

Transferring to another institution or picking up where you left off can be challenging. While most transfer students are already familiar with the college environment, but policies, procedures, and requirements are often somewhat different from what you are used to. For our readmitted students, things may have changed a bit since you were last here. The Bryan Undergraduate Student Services office is here to help you adjust to your new situation.

New transfer students are required to participate in Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR), which is the University’s orientation program and this office will contact you with information.

Prior to your SOAR session, you will want to meet with your advisor regarding advising and registration information.  All confirmed students will begin receiving a weekly emails from the office, late April to early May if admitted for Fall, or late November to early December if admitted for Spring.  Please be patient and wait for this email before attempting to meet with an advisor.

You will also want to read through our Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Advising Syllabus and the Bryan New Student Handbook for specific details on policies, procedures, and degree requirements. These resources have lots of important information for new students, so please take a few minutes and review them today

If you have questions or need any additional information, please feel free to call our front desk at 336-334-5928 or send an email to

Transfer Credit

Most Transfer students have questions about how their credits will transfer. Bryan Advisors are not able to provide transfer equivalencies prior to admission to the University. You must provide an official transcript to the Registrar’s Office before any transfer credits are applied. To see how credits have transferred into UNCG, visit the Transfer Credit  or you can email the transfer team at

Bryan Undergraduate Student Services

Christina Pack

Director of Undergraduate Student Services and Retention

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