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Important Information for International Exchange Students

When taking Bryan School courses, it is important to remember:

  • All students must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Prerequisites are strictly enforced
    • International exchange students are expected to have completed MAT 115 (College Algebra), ISM 110 (Business Computing, and CST 105 (Intro to Communication Studies)
    • All incoming exchange student transcripts are reviewed by Bryan School Academic Advisor
  • International exchange students cannot register for:
    • MKT 309 (alternative options: ENG 327, ENT 327, or ENG 230)
    • MGT 491 (limited enrollment, must demonstrate student has met all prerequisites)
    • MGT 301 (limited enrollment; alternative options MGT 302 or MGT 304)
  • Students must be visa compliant, so it will be important to pay attention to lecture types, we offer online and face to face courses when registering for classes.
  • Even though you have a business major, you are able to take courses outside of the Bryan School. Consider taking courses that are not available at your home institution.

Have Questions?

Students, home institution advisors, or representatives are welcome to reach out to Bryan Abroad at [email protected].

Course Information

Interesting Course Options

Entrepreneurship (ENT) courses

Sustainability Tourism & Hospitality (STH) courses

Marketing & Sales (MKT) courses – MKT 324, MKT 328

Management (MGT) course
MGT 330

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