Join us virtually on Thursday, April 22, 2021!

Presented by: The Bryan School of Business & Economics Virtual Collaboratory for Sustainable Business Practices

Join Bryan School faculty, students, alumni, business owners and professionals for a day of discovery and virtual dialogue as we celebrate Earth Day, 2021! This day-long series of panels and presentations will highlight the diverse ways that sustainability can be woven into the theory and practice of business across industry sectors and organizational contexts.

This is a university and community wide event, each session has a capacity limited to the first 300 people to join. Please plan accordingly: register for each session, check email for Eventbrite confirmation with Zoom info and join the Zoom sessions early to secure your spot.

Attendance to these sessions can earn students class credit so in order to make your attendance count: log into the live Zoom sessions exactly at the start time or before and stay till the end.

Sustainability in Business Expo

This event was made possible through support from the VF Corporation Foundation

Through a partnership with the VF Corporation Foundation, the Virtual Collaboratory supports Bryan School efforts to foster innovative, collaborative, and transformative research and teaching on the topic of sustainable business practices. The Virtual Collaboratory offers support for opportunities that allow students in every major to engage directly with industry to strategize about what it will take to move business forward in a sustainable way while addressing a changing marketplace of evolving consumer preferences, shifting social pressures, and urgent environmental constraints.  

Featured Sessions 9 am - 3:50 pm

9-10:15 am | Creating Sustainable Problem-Solvers: Teaching Sustainability in the Business Classroom
Join this panel to learn about the efforts and successes that have come from the Bryan School’s Virtual Collaboratory funding, awarded by VF Foundation! Bryan faculty have undertaken new approaches to teaching sustainability, developing courses and hands-on projects focused on sustainable business practices. Learn about what goes into creating, planning, and teaching on this topic. Review presenter’s bios and project descriptions.

Session Presenters: Anne Wood, Melanie Carrico, Dianne Welsh, Jin Su, Vidya Gargeya

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10:30-11:45 am | Sustainable Business and the Triple Bottom Line: Researching Sustainability Across Industry Contexts
Hear from several Bryan School Faculty who pursued specific research on sustainability and business, funded by the VF Virtual Collaboratory award! Working towards the Triple Bottom Line is an important commitment in sustainable business, but how does it really work in practice? Dive into this discussion to learn about what topics were explored and what our faculty discovered. Review the presenter’s bios and project descriptions.

Session Presenters: Al Link, Jin Su, Chantell LaPan, Gillian Lei, Nir Kshetri

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1-1:50 pm | Sustainable E Podcast: Earth Day Edition
In this 50-minute episode, Dr. James and production assistant Ericka Williams recap the first year of the Sustainable E Podcast, exploring the questions of why students should be interested in sustainable entrepreneurship. This session highlights special guest appearances, shares information about the Sustainable E Pitch Competition, and encourages each of us to think about sustainable values in our own fields of work. Review host bios.

Session Host: Channelle James and Ericka Williams (UNCG Senior)

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2-2:50 pm | Doing Well by Doing Good: Sustainable Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
In business, the bottom line is everything. But in sustainable business, you’re working for the Triple Bottom Line – economic, environmental, and social. Join this discussion with local entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn about the innovative ways they incorporate sustainable business practices into their everyday work, and consider the Triple Bottom Line in everything they do. Review presenter’s bios.

Session Panelists:
  • Christina Degreaffenreidt, Owner/Creator of Multifaceted, Greensboro NC
  • Beth Stewart, Executive Director of Redress Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
  • Matt Mullins, Owner/Creator of Empasta Cheeze Vegan Products, Greensboro NC
  • Sandi Kronick, CEO, Happy Dirt, Durham, NC
  • Andrea Crouse, Designer/Founder, Gaia Conceptions, Greensboro, NC

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3-3:50 pm | Sustainability in Business Practice: Real World Roles and Responsibilities
Sustainability goals and values are more important than ever to companies large and small. Join this panel to hear from senior-level professionals working across industries about how sustainability is a central goal in their work and how these values are put into practice in their companies. Review presenter’s bios.

Session Panelists:
  • Lois Forde-Kohler, Ph.D., Family Care Sustainability Director and Corporate Forestry Footprint Owner, Procter and Gamble, Cincinnati, OH
  • Rejaul Hassan, Ph.D., Global Sustainability Manager, VF Corporation, Greensboro NC and Denver, CO
  • Tiffany Reynolds, General Manager, Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, NC
  • Jaleesa Whitley, University Relations Manager, Cisco Systems, Greensboro, NC

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What is Sustainability?

The Bryan School’s Virtual Collaboratory for Sustainable Business Practices defines sustainability as articulated by the UNCG Sustainability Council:

Sustainability is the enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, economy, and aesthetics. This interconnectedness provides a foundation from which to discover, implement, and enrich sustainable principles and practices. The intent of sustainability is to instill values that promote justice, invent innovative approaches and solutions to environmental and economic challenges, and instill civility and grace into our communities.

Students: Make Your Attendance Count!

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