Nov 16

The Perfect Pair: Passion and a Degree

After working in the healthcare field for 10 years, Beth Fisher ’16 knew it was time to take on a new role in the industry. She paired her past skills as a Speech and Language Pathologist with an MBA degree to build a new career as a Performance Improvement Advisor within the healthcare industry.

“I went into the MBA program not entirely sure what I wanted to transition to when I was finished, but I knew that the curriculum would open doors for me and further develop interests.” The Bryan School offers flexible programs for both students coming directly from an undergraduate program as well as working professionals with several years of experience. “The Bryan School provided a well-rounded, versatile curriculum that has proven valuable in my current position,” stated Fisher.

In her current role, Beth uses her MBA degree on a day-to-day basis. “I use Lean Six Sigma Methodologies to improve processes, outcomes, and patient safety in a healthcare setting,” said Fisher. “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that projects I’m working on lead to improved outcomes for patients and increased job satisfaction for other employees at the organization.”

Because every position has its challenges, the Bryan School teaches students to be tenacious problem solvers. “The most challenging part of my job relates to the complex organizational structure of the institution. Building relationships throughout all areas of the institution has proven imperative in successful project completion.”

Beth has two pieces of advice for current students. “While the knowledge and skills you learn in school are important, the relationships you will build in your workplace are just as important.” She began building her professional network through a part-time internship while she was earning her MBA degree, which helped her to connect with new people. She said that a great first question to ask a new contact is, “How did you end up where you are?” This simple question can get a conversation started.

She also encourages young professionals to keep growing. “Learning doesn’t end when you graduate.  Take advantage of and seek out continuing education opportunities.  Look for opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally.” Continuing your education does not mean you have to head back to the classroom. Look for opportunities to learn at work and within your industry. Beth finds opportunities to learn through departmental lunch and learns, working on her Six Sigma black belt, and completing certifications. Staying up-to-date with industry trends also helps you sharpen and refresh your skills. Beth reaches for the Harvard Business Journal and the Triad Business Journal.

For young professionals looking to make a great first impression and impress their supervisor, Beth encourages research and preparation. Learn about the organization and the person (or people) with whom you will be interviewing. This will show that you have done your homework, and your new knowledge will help you ask detailed questions. Beth added that it’s always important to be cordial. “You never know who you are riding the elevator with.”

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Written by Nicole Natchus