Oct 14

Tiffany Grant: Financial Entrepreneur

7 Questions with a Spartan

Owner, Money Talk with Tiff
MBA 2018

1. What do you love most about your job?

I love being able to help people understand complex financial topics and provide guidance as they work their way to financial independence. The countless DMs, text messages, comments, and phone calls with financial wins makes my job very fulfilling. I wake up with the mindset of “Who can I help/serve today?”

2. What’s exciting about the future of your industry/position?

I am excited that more people are paying attention to their finances and taking their financial position seriously. I love that more people are talking about money!

3. What do you personally find most challenging as a professional?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy! I work very long hours and usually seven days a week but, it is all worth the sacrifice! I am changing lives and life trajectories everyday so in my mind it is a short term sacrifice for long term gain. 

4. What is something you did in college to prepare for this position?

Networked! I networked my little heart out while I was at UNCG and it helped catapult me into a new career and now my own business. Get to know as many people as possible while you are in school. You never know how those people will play a role in your future!

5. What additional trainings, certifications, professional organization memberships, etc. have helped you professionally?

While I was in human resources, my SHRM-CP certification helped tremendously! I was able to climb up the corporate ladder pretty quickly! I am also newly certified in Lean Six Sigma and that has been an asset.  Currently, I am very active in the Society of Financial Service Professionals (SFSP), the Human Resources Management Association of Greensboro (HRMAG), the Greensboro Jaycees, Synerg, and Women 2 Women. At UNCG, I participated in the National Association of Women MBAs and the university’s Human Resources Management Association chapter.  The more organizations and groups you can be part of the better.  Just be sure to not forget balance!

6. What should students interested in entering your field know?

The financial services field is very wide reaching! There is a lot more that you can do other than selling insurance and being an accountant. We definitely need more financial educators especially if you are a minority.  We are very few and far between in the industry.

7. What resources – books, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. – would you recommend for someone interested in your field or in a position like yours?

Well, of course, I would recommend my blog (www.moneytalkwitht.com) and podcast (Money Talk With Tiff on all platforms) as a good starting point. There are so many financial education books, podcasts, and websites out there. I did a roundup of my favorite financial podcasts here. My favorite books include I Will Teach You to Be Rich, The Total Money Makeover, Your Money or Your Life, and The Millionaire Next Door.  Just start immersing yourself!

Tiffany provided tips on personal finance during the Bryan School’s 2019 Back to Business event.