Feb 22

Travel Like a Pro

Associate Professor Bonnie Canziani has traveled around the world for both business and fun. Here are some of her tips that will help take the stress out of traveling, make a trip more affordable, and ensure a memorable experience.

Planning for a Successful Trip

SCHEDULE trips based on weather, holidays, and events. Be flexible and consider staying longer at a hub location to get better deals on accommodations, flights, and transit passes.

ASK your bank about a separate ATM card and travel account and decide if you need an international call or text plan.

GET apps like Skype and WhatsApp to contact friends and family over Wi-Fi without international fees.

ADD a clock app that displays the local time for each place you visit to avoid missing trains or flights.

PACK as light as possible and coordinate your outfits to mix and match.

BRING your student or senior ID for potential discounts.

Travel Do’s and Don’ts

DO overestimate the time you plan to spend at each attraction and don’t try to cram too much in.

DO get an unlimited metro or bus pass to travel around cities cheaply and see lots of sights.

DON’T eat near major tourist sites. Use apps like Yelp to search off the beaten track.

DO eat frequent small meals to enjoy the local variety.

DO resist the urge to take pictures of restricted areas or strangers.

DON’T expect services to be the same as at home or places you have previously traveled.