Virtual Collaboratory for Sustainable Business Practices

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is the enduring interconnectedness of social equity, the environment, economy, and aesthetics. This interconnectedness provides a foundation from which to discover, implement, and enrich sustainable principles and practice. The intent of sustainability is to instill values that promote justice, invent innovative approaches and solutions to environmental and economic challenges, and instill civility and grace into our communities.

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Sustainable-E: When Entrepreneurship Gets Organic Podcast

Sustainable – E explore sustainable entrepreneurship in the Triad of North Carolina and Globally. Join Dr. James as she sits down with local entrepreneurs, taking a virtual visit into their careers and how sustainability is implemented into their work, in an effort to educate students and the larger community that its possible to address the needs of sustainability and create the kind of world that we want seven generations out.


Sustainable-E: When Entrepreneurship Gets Organic Podcast

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Sustainability: The Key To Future Growth
Sustainability: The Key To Future Growth
Sustainability: The Key To Future Growth
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About the Collaboratory:

The Virtual Collaboratory was made possible by a grant from the VF Foundation. The Collaboratory is guided by a task force consisting of faculty from the Bryan School.

The goals of the Collaboratory are:

  1. To foster a mindset of sustainable problem-solving among Bryan School students
  2. To encourage scholarly collaboration among faculty across departments and programs in the Bryan School
  3. To support faculty efforts to develop innovative approaches to sustainable business practices
  4. To elevate the sustainability profile of the Bryan School and its six academic departments
  5. To forge new partnerships with business and industry through a focus on sustainability

Special thanks to the VF Foundation for their support of this initiative.

The Sustainability Council supports and promotes efforts by the university community to address sustainability in operations and academics at UNCG.

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Have Questions?

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