The Bryan School of Business is proud to recognize the accomplishments of its Alumni through the following two awards.  Please click on the buttons below for more information or to submit a nomination.

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Bryan School Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to alumni of any business program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro who has achieved outstanding success in business. The award recognizes exceptional achievement and significant contribution to the recipient’s profession and to the business community.
Distinguished Alumni Award Nomination Form

Past Recipients:

Kirk Galiani
Kirk Galiani, Distinguished Alumni 2019

Dianne Neal Blixt BS ’81, MBA ’88
Sue Cole BS ’72, MBA ’77
Thornton Edwards MSBA ’74
Joan Evans MBA ’94
Kirk Galiani BS ʼ87
Martin Green BS ’84
Brad Hayes BS ’87
David S. Jolley MA ’76
Becky Levin BS ’79
Andrew Mehalko BS ’87
Joe Pickett MBA ’72
Dean Priddy BS ’83, MBA ’86
Nido Qubein MSBA ’73
Boyd Rogers MBA ’85
Edward Rozynski BS ’75, MA ’76
Gary Smith BS ’81, MBA ’85
Steve Strader BS ’74, MBA ’76
Ellen Thrower BS ’75, MBA ’78

Rising Star Award

The Bryan School Rising Star Award (new in 2019) recognizes a recent alumnus making an impact within their organization and community. The recipient of this award demonstrates their commitment to becoming a principled leader and exceptional problem solver.
Rising Star Award Nomination Form

Past Recipients:

Steven Overcash
Steven Overcash, Rising Star Alumni 2019

Steven Overcash MBA ’15