At the UNC Greensboro Bryan School of Business and Economics, we create and disseminate knowledge about the theory and practice of business. Comprised of six academic departments, our work produces principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers who have a global perspective, an innovative mindset, a broad understanding of sustainability, and a commitment to improving the organizations at which they work and the communities in which they live. In addition to our courses and research, we accomplish this through hands-on projects, global experiences, and outreach to the community.

Accounting and Finance

Programs within the Accounting and Finance Department are designed to develop ethical leaders and exceptional problem solvers with analytical skills, an innovative mindset, a global perspective, and a broad understanding of sustainability. The department encompasses two closely related disciplines, with an undergraduate curriculum designed to provide an efficient means for obtaining a dual major in both finance and accounting. The Master of Science in Accounting is available to those with a variety of academic backgrounds and serves as an excellent course of study for those interested in obtaining their CPA license. Accounting is the only business discipline for which supplemental accreditation is given and we are among the top 1% of programs worldwide with dual accounting and business accreditation from the AACSB.

Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies

If you have an interest in fashion, the Department of Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (CARS) offers the best preparation for becoming what we see in you: a work-ready professional with all of the experience, knowledge, and networking you need to build a successful career. Our programs will help you become an exceptional problem solver for the apparel industry, confident and ready to make meaningful connections where you work, live, and lead. We provide a strong educational foundation through an innovative curriculum, integrating theory with hands-on experience and/or research within the community, with the flexibility for students to pursue their individual career interests related to the global apparel industry. Through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community engagement, CARS prepares and advances leaders in our field. 


An established legacy of excellence since 1935, the Department of Economics has celebrated more than 80 years of service in education and developing researchers and continues its innovative practices in response to the changing world. The department’s undergraduate courses prepare students for the competitive global marketplace, career and professional development, and graduate education. Its innovative graduate programs provide students with a mastery of advanced methods so they can conduct high-quality research and contribute to the knowledge base in business, government, non-profit, and research settings. Our faculty are highly engaged in mentoring students at all levels and are deeply committed to teaching and scholarship. Our programs foster close interactions with students and faculty and provide opportunities for collaborative research.

Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

For more than four decades, the Department of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management has produced graduates specializing in information systems, supply chain management, and operations management. Our mission is to provide high-quality programs through the integration of quality education with relevant research and professional service for industry and academia. This endeavor produces principled leaders and exceptional problem solvers with an innovative mindset and a commitment to sustain organizations in a global environment and improve the communities in which they live. The programs we’ve developed are unique and are designed to fill a need in local and global marketplaces – graduates from our undergraduate and graduate programs have gone on to join Fortune 500 companies, with dozens more from our PhD program occupying significant positions within academia.


Often, business decisions must be made without complete information or in situations where there is a great deal of uncertainty as to what will happen. For students who want a program that is focused on real-world, career-focused skills and knowledge, the Management Department is for you. Managers can serve in informational, decisional, and interpersonal roles, with a typical breakdown of management functions stemming from any of the following areas: planning, organizing, directing, and/or controlling. In various management courses, students learn how to perform each of these functions to allocate resources properly and accomplish a business’ objectives. Our students benefit from the infusion of critical global economic issues throughout the curriculum, as we equip students with the evidence-based knowledge, practical skills, and character to become global business leaders.

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism

Through the combination of several subject areas, the Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & Tourism aims to teach students the skills necessary to be innovative and successful in the world of business. We believe this combination of academic interests results in a strong multidisciplinary advantage for students who want to choose from a wide range of courses while retaining enough coursework in each area to satisfy students interested in specializing in any specific discipline. Our world-class faculty members are dedicated to delivering top-notch education and instilling in our students a global awareness in their approach to problem-solving, with values of sustainability and ethical business practices also promoted. Faculty engage in research applicable both locally and globally, contributing to economic development in the Triad, in North Carolina, and beyond.

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