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Teaching skills to be innovative & successful in the business world

In the Bryan School’s Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism, we are eclectic in nature since we combine several subject areas that are often stand-alone departments. But we believe that this combination of academic interests results in a strong multidisciplinary advantage to students who want to choose from a wide range of courses, while retaining enough coursework in each area to satisfy those students who are interested in specializing in one of our disciplines.

Department head

Merlyn Griffiths
Dr. Merlyn GriffithS

Department Head

[email protected]

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Our Mission

To build a better world through educating the next generation of business leaders in the global fields of marketing, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism, to become motivated problem solvers, enlightened leaders, holistic thinkers and thoughtful innovators.

  • Motivated Problem Solvers see the world as an opportunity to create solutions that promote excellence and add value to society.
  • Enlightened Leaders make a positive social, economic, and environmental impact on the communities we work in and the organizations we engage with.
  • Holistic Thinkers understand the value of inclusive interconnectedness of diverse thoughts and voice, with the understanding that decisions and actions have a ripple effect.
  • Thoughtful Innovators embrace empathy in creating meaningful and sustainable change that is responsible, beneficial, and considerate of others.
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Core Values


We take an experiential and creative approach in finding forward-looking solutions.


We teach students to think analytically and develop skills and abilities that are essential to sound decision-making.


We are a welcoming and diverse department that respects and embraces our differences.


We develop students to become leaders of integrity and accountability who make a difference and inspire others.

Our Strategic Pillars


Our department is an eclectic mix of disciplines that welcomes and nurtures the authentic creative spirit that drives innovative thinking, celebrates the uniqueness of our differences and inspires greatness.


Professors and students within our department are dedicated to promoting confidence and competence to create well-prepared professionals.


Through our experiential classes students engage with the business community to address real-world problems and find solutions through design thinking, data-driven analysis and strategic planning with rigor and relevance.


Our disciplines are collaborative where students engage as teams to develop strong work ethic, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence, which are essential to becoming impactful and aspirational leaders.

Available Programs

Explore comprehensive program offerings in the Bryan School’s Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism, preparing students for successful careers.

Marketing Major
Marketing Major

On Campus and Online Options

ENT Major
Entrepreneurship Major

On Campus and Online Options

Economics Minor
Entrepreneurship Minor

On Campus and Online Options

Professional Selling
Professional Selling Minor

On Campus and Online Options

Student Organizations

Join dynamic student organizations in Bryan’s Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Tourism Hospitality Department, fostering professional growth and networking opportunities.

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