Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism Advisory Board

Our advisory board comprises representatives from a diverse array of industries and businesses spanning all three subject areas within the Department. This eclectic mix ensures a comprehensive perspective on industry dynamics and challenges. By offering detailed insights and guidance, the board actively contributes to shaping the Department’s curriculum and educational initiatives, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of the professional landscape.

Department head

Merlyn Griffiths
Dr. Merlyn GriffithS

Department Head

[email protected]

External Advisory Board Members

Tricia Beeker

Vice President of Marketing
Truliant Federal Credit Union

Melody Burnett

Board Chair / President
Visit High Point

Skylar Mearing

Vice President of Marketing
Bank of Oak Ridge

Mike Reynolds

General Manager
O.Henry Hotel

Craig Stokes

Board Vice Chair / Chick-fil-A Owner

Christopher Whitesell

New Path Digital

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