Company Spotlights

Network with the companies you want to work with

Company Spotlights


Company Spotlights are a chance to learn about organizations and available job or internship openings. They are a great place to network with company recruiters and make connections that can open the door to your future career. This semester, our Company Spotlights will be held both virtually and in person. You can learn more using the calendar on this website or by keeping an eye on your inbox and the Bryan School’s social media channels.


Company Spotlights last about 45 minutes. The first half will consist of a company presentation with the remaining portion designated for networking. You will have a chance to get face time with company representatives and ask questions about them and their respective organizations.

The Spotlight series is a great way to get your career started!

Let us know if you are coming to the next Company Spotlight — click on any of the upcoming events to RSVP.

Upcoming Spotlights

Never been to a Company Spotlight?

Follow these tips to make the most out of your Company Spotlight experience!

Arrive 10 minutes early

Even if the Spotlight is virtual, arrive early. Log in to the session and join the waiting room to make sure you do not have any trouble with the links.

First impressions matter

This is a networking opportunity! Make a great first impression by doing the following:

  • Dress professionally
  • If virtual, keep your background (whether real or an image) simple and uncluttered
  • Turn fans off and/or move anything that could be distracting
  • You can download a UNCG-themed background here
  • Make sure there is good light on your face, and don’t sit with a bright window behind you
  • Raise your webcam so it is level with your face and bring it close

Do your research

Research the organization ahead of time so that you can show your knowledge of the industry and your enthusiasm for the company.

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