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Welcome To The Bryan School

As a graduate student in the Bryan School, we hope you will take advantage of the wide range of resources, programs, and personnel available to help you find your way here. Our vibrant campus offers countless ways for you to grow as an individual and reach your potential as a professional. Whether you study online or on campus, we hope you will embrace the opportunity to learn not just from your professor, but from your peers. Please reach out at any time for guidance or support. As a student now and as an alumnus in the future, we hope you will always stay connected to the Bryan School!

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Discover the power of UNCG’s student organizations! Engage in social, educational, volunteer, and professional activities. Boost your resume and connect with the campus and local communities. Network with peers and leaders, explore new interests, and sharpen your leadership and career skills. UNCG empowers your journey!

Career Development

As a Bryan School Student, you will have access to people who are ready to help you develop your professional self. Our team will focus on your needs and professional goals, assisting with mock interviews, refining resumes, internship searches, and career coaching.

Be sure to check out the schedule of events for the Bryan School’s Company Spotlights Series! Another great career resource to Bryan Students, these events are an excellent way to learn about organizations and available career or internship openings, as well as network with industry professionals.

Company Spotlight
Student Resources

Student Resources

Explore our student resource page, an essential hub for academic growth and success. Discover valuable tools, academic support, career guidance, and networking opportunities to enrich your academic journey.

SyllabI Directory

Discover the Bryan School of Business Syllabi Directory, your ultimate resource for academic excellence! Access a comprehensive collection of course syllabi, carefully curated to support your journey in the world of business education.

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