Current MS in International Business Students

At The Bryan School of Business

Online Orientation

We will host an online orientation for new enrolled students of the MS in International Business Program. This online orientation serves to provide you with the opportunity to meet with the Program Director, ask questions, and give you more details about courses and expectations. Orientation is hosted through Zoom. Complete details, along with RSVP information, will be included in your admission packet. MSIB Students are also welcome to attend the face-to-face orientation hosted by the Bryan School, which will cover the same program information.

To find out more about Orientation and register to attend, please go to our New Graduate Student Resources page to find the orientation session that you would like to attend.

Program Director

Dr. Vasyl Taras

Department Head
[email protected]


Remember to refer to UNC Greensboro’s Academic Calendars for information about important dates throughout the semester!

New Graduate Students:

Advising for new MSIB students is open during the Fall Semester. Please call the office at 336-334-5390 to schedule an appointment with your advisor to finalize your course schedule and get an advising code for registration.

First day of class:

There is usually an assignment in preparation for the first session of each class. Always check the syllabus of your course to be sure to be prepared.

Continuing Graduate Students:

Starfish: Continuing students will schedule an advising appointment through Starfish. A Starfish shortcut can also be found on the iSpartan apps toolbar. You have the option of requesting your appointment (via Starfish) to be in person, by phone or via Google Hangouts.

Advising for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 will take place from Monday, March 15, 2021, through Wednesday, April 21, 2021. Fall 2021 course registration takes place from Monday, March 29, 2021, through Wednesday, April 21, 2021.  Summer registration is open now.

For a brief description of courses offered in the UNCG MSIB Program, please view The Graduate School Bulletin.

Academic Advisor

Emily Christensen
Emily Christiansen

Student Services Manager
[email protected]

Graduate Career Services

Are you ready to develop your professional self? As a Bryan School student, you will have access to dedicated career coaching. Whether it’s mock interviews, resume revisions, internship searches, or one-on-one sessions, our team is here to focus on the specific needs and professional goals of our Bryan School graduate students.

Graduate students are highly encouraged to schedule one-on-one sessions. These sessions are intentionally designed to enhance graduate students’ personal and professional journeys whether they are preparing to enter the job market, transitioning into a new role, shifting careers, or focusing on generally developing professional skills in the Bryan School.

Resources For Online Students

To find information regarding the following:

  • Technology requirements for online students
  • Using Canvas and WebEx for coursework
  • Online Library Resources
  • How to create professional presentations
  • Online Writing Center and Speaking Center Support

Ready to Learn

Ready to Learn is a rich resource for Online Students that focuses on three main areas of student preparation and success:

  • Technology: Learn what kind of computer, internet capabilities and computing skills you need to be most successful in your online courses.
  • Classroom: Understand what it’s like to work in UNCG’s online classroom through Canvas and WebEx, and how to complete online course assignments. Take the Canvas Student Tour to get a feel what it’s like to work in this online platform, and be sure to check out WebEx as a useful means of holding meetings with groups outside of class.
  • Lifestyle: Know your ideal learning conditions, what motivates you as a student and understand your time management abilities in order to incorporate coursework and class into your life.


X-Culture’s mission is to provide better international business education through experiential learning.

Launched by UNCG’s own Professor Vas Taras, X-Culture is an amazing opportunity for students to take their international business education to the next level.

Every semester, thousands of students and professionals from over 40 countries take part in the X-Culture competition. Through X-Culture, students of International Business and related fields from around the world are put into Global Virtual Teams to work on business projects presented by corporate partners. For a semester, these teams work together on their project, experiencing the challenges and learning the best practices of international collaboration.

Students interested in participating in X-Culture should review this page on how X-Culture works and what you need to do to prepare for such a project. If you’re ready, apply here!

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