Undergraduate Development

Career and Professional Development for Undergraduate Students

The BluePrint Series

A groundbreaking 4-credit course curriculum designed to equip all undergraduate students with the employability skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing industry landscape.

  • BUS 115: Blueprint for Personal Development
  • BUS 215: Blueprint for Professional Development
    • BUS 216: Blueprint for Personal and Professional Development
  • BUS 315: Global and Intercultural Skills Development
  • BUS 415: Leadership Development

Contact Maggie Breitenbach at [email protected] for any questions regarding the program.

Blueprint Series

Bryan Gold

An innovative app-based career readiness challenge where students engage in personal and professional development activities to gain exposure to industry, develop transferable skills, and establish their personal brand as they strive to make an impactful transition from the classroom to the workforce.

Through Bryan Gold, students develop skills in five career readiness competencies, including leadership and collaboration, intercultural engagement, and relationship management and communication, which are deemed essential by employers.

From weekly leaderboards to digital badges to leveling up, students can showcase their drive and set the gold standard for young business professionals.

Contact Maggie Breitenbach at [email protected] for any questions regarding the program.

Team Leaders

Bryan Team Leaders

Positively impact the well-being of students while gaining practical leadership experience in a real-world setting.

Contact Maggie Breitenbach at [email protected] for any questions regarding the program.

Employer Partnerships

Employer partnerships add immense value to the undergraduate experience, and the Bryan School continually strives to connect our career-ready students with employers in need of top talent. From advisory boards and company spotlights, to classroom instruction and capstone projects, our students learn transferable skills from industry partners who understand what it takes to succeed in the business world. This industry-focused approach puts our students in the driver’s seat when choosing a career path.

Available Resources

Career Shift

Research companies and build your network.


Find internships and jobs.


Practice your interview skills.

Spartans at Work (12Twenty)

Tell us about your new job.

Company Spotlights

Open the door to your future career.


Receive 1-on-1 career coaching.

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