professional selling Minor

Program Information

The minor is useful to majors in the professional and arts and sciences fields of study, as well as business majors. The professional selling minor is intended to provide students with skills useful not only in sales positions but any position where one may need to influence people.

To earn a professional selling minor, a student must meet the following requirements in the order listed below.

A minimum of 15 semester hours is required.

The Professional Selling Minor, consisting of 15 semester hours, is available for students with majors both inside and outside of the Bryan School of Business and Economics who are in good standing with the university. A minimum average GPA of 2.50 is required in all courses used towards this minor.


Courses must be completed in the order listed, but may be taken concurrently.

MKT-324: Professional Selling
MKT-328: Selling and Sales Management
MKT-420: Key Account Selling
MKT-427/ENT-427: Personal Selling Internship
MKT-444: Sales Effectiveness

Program Contact

Dr. James Boles

Professor of Marketing
[email protected]

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