Building beneficial professional partnerships at UNCG’s Bryan School

Posted on October 31, 2022

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The business landscape for the credit union industry is highly competitive. But as a business partner with the Bryan School of Business and Economics, Truliant Federal Credit Union can leverage a key advantage that helps it stay ahead.

It starts with insights from Capstone Consulting projects.

“Students comb through analytics, survey results, portfolio analysis, quarterly goals, demographics, and numerous other data to provide a well-rounded picture of our business,” says Chris Murray ’18 (Business Administration), chief member experience officer at Truliant. “We believe in the importance of having an outsider’s perspective to scrutinize a business process or affirm what we think we know.”

For the first two Capstone projects with Truliant, Bryan School students looked at the credit union’s social media accounts and recommended strategies for better-capturing members’ attention.

The most recent project focused on new member experience and, specifically, the challenges that come with creating a new account online, on the phone, or in person. Students looked at pain points and how to better nurture relationships in the first 90 days of membership.

“I can’t overemphasize how much material and how many useful conversations flow out of this program,” says Murray, who adds the company has already implemented some of the student recommendations.

In addition to guiding Capstone project teams, Murray spends a day or two each semester in the Bryan School’s North Carolina Sales Institute (NCSI), answering questions posed by students who are nearing graduation. Truliant has also sponsored a business case competition during Professional Development Week.

“I hope we are giving something back to these students by providing them with real-world professional experience that further supplements their research and education,” says Murray.

Through these experiences, the Truliant team knows the level of professionalism it can expect from Bryan School graduates. After all, the company has several Bryan School graduates in leadership roles.

For the Bryan School, the admiration goes both ways.


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