Dr. Dianne Welsh to get grant award from Direct Selling Education Foundation

Posted on March 13, 2019

Dr. Dianne H. B. Welsh (Bryan School) will receive a grant award for $36,000 from the Direct Selling Education Foundation for a Direct Selling Education Foundation Course Content Collaboration.

UNCG has a strong partnership with the Direct Selling Education Foundation, who will provide funding to initiate a competitive grants program to develop course content that advances the direct selling industry. The grants will be open to those already teaching courses in the Entrepreneurship Cross-Disciplinary Program (ECDP), both in the Bryan School of Business and Economics as well as across campus. This will include entrepreneurship cross-listed courses in key fields related to channels of distribution (i.e., information technology and sales and marketing). Grant recipients will be required to develop and deliver a direct selling module into their curriculum, including a minimum equivalent of one week of lectures and assignments out of a 15-week semester.


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