From Consultant to Client

Posted on October 24, 2016

Where does Bryan MBA grad Adam Zolot turn for consulting services? The very place where he first got his start.

Zolot (’10 BSBA, ’13 MBA) serves in a management position with Advanced Home Care, a non-profit, hospital-affiliated organization that serves more than 65,000 patients each day as they recover from injuries, illnesses and surgeries. One of the things he loves about his role is the opportunity to solve one challenge after another, a skill he honed at the Bryan School. When he needs back-up, however, he knows he can count on his successors in the Bryan School’s MBA program.


Consulting Teams

Each semester, MBA students from the Bryan School complete a consulting engagement as their capstone course before graduation. The groups will complete up to 200 hours of high-level work conducting research and developing plans for area businesses. The projects are win-win for both businesses and students, as businesses receive low-priced consulting services and students gain practical experience. Businesses are not charged for the consulting projects, but may make a donation to the program in appreciation for the work produced.

Zolot remembers how valuable his MBA capstone project was. He and his team assisted a small, successful family-owned business. His group was charged with improving the functionality of the sales department.

“We found there was a deficiency of time because they were focusing too much on ‘hunting’ versus ‘farming’,” Zolot says. “It takes 16 times the amount of work to cultivate a new client versus growing the clients you already have.” Zolot and his group brought this to light for the CEO and his sales team, and gave them options for earning more revenue.

Client Side

 Zolot is now on the other side of the table at Advanced Home Care. He’s currently engaging in his third consulting project with Bryan MBA students.

“The Bryan School taught me to build not only my network, but everybody’s network. In addition to the outstanding work they do, that’s partly why I consistently partner with the MBA students for consulting.”

Past consulting teams have helped Advanced Home Care with its retail programs and with a feasibility analysis for their home medical equipment division. This year they’ll help explore the sales potential of Advanced Home Care’s proprietary product-ordering software.

“I know the Bryan School students will not just give us the answer we want; they will give us the answer we need.”


“Adam was a great example of the caliber of students available for consulting engagements,” said Joe Erba, Assistant Dean for External Affairs in the Bryan School. “Now as a business professional, he’s become a great example of how businesses can benefit from the MBA consulting teams.”

To learn more about consulting services, contact Joe Erba at 336.256.8592 or To submit your project for consideration for the spring semester, complete this online form.


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