New to the Bryan School? Here’s how you can get involved

Posted on August 15, 2022

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For some students, arriving at college comes with a fear of not fitting in. There’s moving into a dorm, preparing for classes, and adjusting to a new lifestyle while wondering how to best make use of the next few years.

An easy way to start is to get involved on campus, according to staff members at UNC Greensboro’s Bryan School of Business and Economics. Doing so gives students an opportunity to meet people in a similar boat and gives them valuable experience that can help them grow as both a student and a person. Lasse Palomaki, a professional development specialist for the Bryan School, emphasizes the importance of being involved on campus. 

“Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to maximize students’ experiences at UNCG. Our campus community is extremely diverse, active, and welcoming, which means that getting involved will add a whole new dimension to their experience as UNCG Spartans. Being involved helps create a sense of belonging to the campus community, which helps in their transition from high school (or another institution) to UNCG,” Palomaki says.

Wondering how to get involved? Wondering why you should get involved? Here are a few pieces of advice to help you get started:

1. Just do it!

The first piece of advice for students looking to get involved on campus is to just get started. At first, it may be nerve-racking, but it is important to take that step to build your confidence and make friends.

2. Find the right fit

Find an organization or club that interests you, do your research, and dive in. UNCG has plenty of clubs and organizations for students that can be found here.

For more business-oriented organizations, click or tap here.

3. Find a club that could help your career

Joining a club or organization can help you build new skills and refine your current ones.

“One important benefit I want to highlight is that campus involvement gives students a great experience to include on their resumes and to share in interviews,” says Bramley Crisco, Employer and Corporate Relations with the Bryan School. “Many of the critical skills that employers are looking for include leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management that can be developed through campus activities and add value in a future job search.” 

Being a part of an organization on campus gives students experience outside of the classroom that benefits them. Through these organizations, you learn more about topics that interest you and also more about how they impact the community around you.

4. Use your experience to expand your network

Involvement in clubs and organizations across campus helps you develop your networking skills. Along with making new friends, you’ll meet different students, faculty, and staff members who bring a variety of talents to the table. This will help you make connections that could help you down the road when looking for jobs and internship opportunities.

All in all, being involved on campus elevates your experience and can teach you valuable skills that will help you down the road. Don’t be afraid to take the time to find the right club or organization that interests you — then all that’s left to do is get involved and have some fun.

“Being involved offers a much-needed balance between school work and life outside of the classroom, which alleviates stress and makes college more enjoyable,” says Palomaki. “It can also help students discover new passions, strengths, and interests while offering a budget-friendly way to have fun.”

Written by Eric Jackson ’23 MBA


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