consumer, apparel, and retail studies Minor

Program Information

A minor in Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies (CARS) will enable you to broaden your knowledge of a fast-paced, dynamic, and global industry. Understanding the fashion and retail industries will give you an edge to build a career in fashion marketing, design, or merchandising.

Students may elect a minor in CARS by completing 15 semester hours, one course of which must be at the 400 level.


CRS-231: Introduction to Apparel and Related Industries: From Concept to Consumer
CRS-255: Consumer Behavior in Apparel and Related Industries

The remaining courses can be selected from the courses listed below, provided prerequisites are met:

CRS-211: Textile Science: From Fiber to Finish
CRS-221: Global Perspective on Culture, the Body, and Dress
CRS-262: Fashion Marketing and Communication
CRS-321: Fashion and Identity: The Social Psychology of Dress
CRS-372: The History of Fashion
CRS-470: Apparel Brand Management

Department head

Dr. Nancy Hodges

Department Head
Burlington Industries Professor
[email protected]

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