New First-Year Students

Resources For New first-year students

Welcome new First-year students!

The transition from high school to college is exciting but can also be confusing. The Bryan Undergraduate Student Services office is here to help you make that transition as smooth as possible.

All new students are required to participate in Spartan Orientation, Advising, and Registration (SOAR), which is the University’s orientation program. During your SOAR session, you will learn more about your major and degree requirements and will have the opportunity to meet with Bryan Undergraduate Student Services (BUSS) advisors. We are dedicated to assisting you with developing and attaining your goals throughout your time with us by connecting you with resources and guiding you through any obstacles that may arise.

We invite you to view the following videos, which will help you navigate many of the systems you will frequently need to use—in your first semester and each semester moving forward. Please watch the entire series of videos to get the greatest benefit of the information they provide.

You will also want to read through our Bryan Undergraduate Student Services Advising Syllabus and the Bryan New Student Handbook for specific details on policies, procedures, and degree requirements. These resources have lots of important information for new students, so please take a few minutes and review them today

If you have questions or need any additional information, please feel free to call our front desk at 336-334-5928 or send an email to [email protected].

Bryan advisor briefing

The following videos are an introduction to advising at the Bryan School. Please note, you will not have to complete the quiz as mentioned in the Bryan Advisor Briefing videos.

USS: BAB Videos (No Quiz)

Step 1 of 5 – Video 1: Introduction

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