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Bryan School Student Laptop Policy

All Bryan School students, both main campus and online students, should have access to a laptop computer that can be used in all Bryan School courses and meets the following requirements:

  • Contains an office suite that is able to create and open Microsoft Office 2017 compatible documents. All UNCG students have access to Office 365 at this link (
  • Contains a wireless network capability that is able to connect to the UNCG wireless network.
  • Contains a web browser that is able to work with UNCG’s Learning Management System.
  • Contains a webcam and microphone.
  • Students in online programs and in online courses must have reliable high speed internet access to access courses while off campus in addition to a computer that meets these standards.

Students may purchase but are not required to purchase a laptop through UNCG’s Student Laptop Program. Purchasing laptops through the Student Laptop Program have benefits including a price below retail, pre-loaded software for academic use and access to the on-campus Technology Support Center. In addition to the Student Laptop Program, all students are provided with special discounted pricing on specific hardware and software.

Students without access to a laptop may also arrange a short-term checkout of a laptop from the UNCG Library.

In person classes – Faculty may require a student to bring a laptop that meets the criteria shown above to class for each class meeting or only for select class meetings.

Online Classes – Students will be required to access the class using a computer that meets these requirements for all online courses including havin a work web. This applies to all online and main campus students that are enrolled in an online class.

Exam Proctoring – Students in online and face to face courses may be required to take exams on their computers.  These exams may require downloading lockdown browsers to maintain the academic integrity of these tests. Students must comply with these requests by faculty in order to successfully take the exams and complete their courses. Students in online courses may be required to have their exams proctored through a third party approved by and included in the UNC Online Proctoring Network (

In general, Apple products will satisfy laptop course requirements, but some courses may use specialized software, requiring students that work with Apple products to find other temporary solutions. A Chrombook will not satisfy these computer requirements.

Any questions about Bryan School Student Laptop Policy should be sent to Associate Dean of the Bryan School, Dr. Bill Brown ([email protected]).

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